Wednesday, March 23, 2005

2nd Year Cohort Passes CRP

Yup, it's official, my entire cohort is allowed to continue on to the Ph.D program! Good news.

We also got feedback from all the reviewers, mine was particularly harsh. Well, I can't say that in comparison to anyone else because I didn't see their comments. But I get the feeling that my paper was not well liked, more than a feeling, it was confirmed in their comments. So this is bittersweet.

Either way. I'm done with it now, and can maybe finally do research that I want to do instead of something that satisfies the requirements of someone with authority over me.


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  1. Lauren :) said...
    howdy e! i found this through gina's blog, and i thought i would say "congrats!" on the paper stuff and whatnot!
    your pictures are also really awesome - i wish i could have fun pics too! but alas, sadly, ripon is just not quite so exciting.
    anyway, just thought i'd say hi! and good luck with things! i hang out with some people from nebraska regularly, so it makes me think of you! hehehehe. :)

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