Thursday, August 25, 2005

Six Miles from Hurley

I feel like I've been on a vacation spree. Two weeks ago I went to Maine with my family. Joel flew in to Philly and we flew to Manchester, NH together. That night we celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday party. I hadn't seen her since a similar party 10 years earlier when I was 14. The next morning we drove a few hours north to Damriscotta, ME. Members of my mother's family have had a place on this lake since before I can remember. Some additions have been made since the last time I was at the cottage, this huge moose in the front yard was the first thing I noticed. A friend of my cousin Adam made this for the Moose Lodge. Here is the cottage as you would see it from a boat on the lake. Or standing on the dock, which is what I was doing. Biscay Pond, the north end. It's funny they call this a pond, becuase it's really a large body of water and what any normal person would call a lake, but I guess a body of water is labeled a pond when it has certain plant and animal life that are distinct from lakes. Who knew?
Pond at night, it was just starting to rain, later it stormed incredibly and I slept better than I had in forever.

So yeah, Maine was great. My father, Joel and I spent a considerable amount of time talking my mother into buying our own place up there...that would be out of this world amazing!

We spent a day in Boothbay Harbor, ME. Where, ironically, Angela and Bahvit just spent their vacation. I had fantasitic kaluha ice cream, and brought some fudge home for the roomates. Unfortunately, Joel and I spent the evening playing darts and smoking, so we ate all the fudge. Poor roomates, I brought home a magnet with a lobster on it.

Um, for those of you who have never been to Maine, you need to go. One night we also went to the seafood co-op and ate far too much! But it was lovely. More later, I have to go to school.


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  1. Toni said...
    I've always wanted to go to Maine! So you can use that too to convince your mom to buy a Toni and e can hang out. :)
    love ya girl!

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