Saturday, September 24, 2005


This post is in dedication to Natalie Hansen, who just finished her dissertation for her M.A. in medieval History at the university of York in York, U.K. I'm very proud of her. She celebrated by getting drunk in an english church yard and taking her top off.

Her she is pictured with a group of her classmates (all medieval historians, sheesh).

I don't know everyone in this pictures, but I met a few of them when i visited last march for my spring break. From left to right we have Jordan, Gwen, Jon (Natalie's cute Canadian sort of punk boyfriend) Natalie, Lily, Richard and I don't know the last girl or the freak jumping the background.

Natalie comes back to the U.S. in just a few days, then she has to try and save some money and get a Canadian visa, because she wants to move to Vancouver, B.C. with Jon. Awww, love.

Meanwhile, I'm still coughing and coughing. I thought maybe I was better this morning after sleeping for 13 hours last night, but alas, the cough returned. I've been drinking gross tea that is supposed to help, but all it does is make me want to hurl.

Bah. I hate my lungs, anyone want to pick me up a new set?


  1. Nat said...
    Thanks e! I made it back tonight, after sobbing all over Jon's shirt for a half hour before going through security. I'll see him soon, I'm sure. Just wanted to let you know that I thanked you in my acknowledgements for my thesis, cause I wouldn't have had the courage to do it if you hadn't done it first! Love you e, talk to you soon.
    E said...
    Natty! I'm sorry it was so hard to leave Jon. But leaving people is always hard, and at least it means that you almost always know there is a reunion coming up. Love and miss you!


    oh, can I read your thesis? when do find out if it passed?
    Anonymous said...
    maybe you should quit puffing on joe camel's hairy asshole....
    E said...
    that's gross anonymous commentor!

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