Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Little Flashback, Totally Welcomed

Ah, the weekend. One of my favorite parts of Saturday and Sunday is the time I have to make and eat breakfast with my roomates. This morning, I made blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs, and Andy fried up some bacon. With some killer coffee from Trader Joe's (which, ironically, was also the purchase location for the blueberries and the pancake mix) it was a delicious start to today.

In other news, I've updated my links to include more of the blogs I read on a fairly regular basis.

I've been pleasantly suprised in the past few weeks to have e-mail communication with some people that I haven't talked with in years. Some of this has to do with Toni's wedding, which is rapidly approaching. Here you can see me and the beautiful Toni at one of our sorority formals in college. I have no idea whether it was spring or winter or what year this even was. I practically wore the same dress over and over to all of them becuase I loathe shopping.

So, since Toni is getting married in a few weeks and I'm traveling out to Minnesota to stay for a few days, I've also had the good fortune to talk to Cherith, who just made me laugh my ass off everytime we hung out at Ripon. She even has the distunguishing characteristic of being quoted in the The Book. Here is a picture of Cherith with me and Jesse Rye in the Johson Hall kitchen. I don't remember why we were making cookies or wearing gloves on our heads, but I think some good old naughty fun was taking place.

"What a funny person to bring woodchucks to the dance!" - Cherith 10-20-02

While searching for a good picture (like the one above) to post with Cherith in it, I found this next one from either Cherith or Gina's 21st birthday. I don't remember which (Anyone else picking up the pattern of my not remembering?). Donal is also pictured looking sexy as always.

And while I haven't talked to Gina in a while, I do read her blog. It's one of my favorites because she loves food and cooking and blogging about food and cooking as much as I do. I was so jealous of her raspberry macaroon. Of course, Gina has a few quotes in The Book because she lived across the hall from me senior year. Here's my favorite:

"I thought I was going to be a vertranarian! I'm so confused..." Gina 9-08-02, upon realizing she was graduating with degrees in Music and French

Early last week I also recieved an e-mail from Megan Ackerman, aka "Gun". We lived together in the nice wing of Scott Hall for a semester our junior year. About a month after graduation she went to Alaska with Kyle and no one had really heard from her since. But she sent a nice long letter about her work and life up in Anchorage.
This is our room in Fall 2001. Me, Angela, Megan and Donal, good times for sure were had that morning. And I'm hold The Book.

More later, I'm off to John and Phil's for dinner!



  1. ET said...
    I think that formal (the picture of Toni and you is Fall of Senior year.
    Gina Louise said...
    ET's right, it's fall formal senior year (I may even have taken the picture). The one of you and Jesse and Cherith is fall break senior year, the night where we were baking cookies and going crazy. He was visiting, the three of us stayed for break that year. And that's the week after my 21st birthday, otherwise known as the porn-in-the-chapter-room night. Oh dear. I miss you, please come to France.
    E said...
    Oh wow. When someone else remembers it makes me feel so much better! Thanks for the insight, I have such memory problems. I miss you too Gina! Let's go to the Jelly Bean factory like, right now, what do you say?
    E said...
    And I had totally forgotten about porn in the chapter room night. I wish I could have conferences with my 21 year old self and just be like, "yo, what is up?!"
    Toni said...
    see what happens when I'm out of the office for a while! I get back and have all these wonderful pics to look at! e - you'll actually be seeing that very picture of you and me in my little DVD for the wedding. ;)

    love and miss you!
    Anonymous said...
    I would totally join you at the Jelly Belly factory, but, alas, I don't live near there anymore! :)


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