Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I love Food TV

Yeah, this is what I had for dinner the other night, homemade french onion soup and steak and arugla sandwich.

Here's Stephanie enjoying the veggie version of the sandwich. The rest of us had thin slices of marinated flank steak, but steph doesn't eat cow, so we grilled her up a veggie burger and slapped it on there instead.

This sandwich was killer. Blue chesse dressing made with fresh cheese and sourcream, fresh spicy arugala, a nice tomato, what else could you want?

Kim was a champ in the kitchen that night. I kept dropping stuff and was afraid of the over, but she was the Iron Chef of 884 Saturday night.

Here you can see the beginnings of the sandwhich. I sliced a french baguette in half lengthwise (without cutting myself!) and then started layering!

Kim was the brainchild behind this fabulous pieces of puff pastry and spinach heaven! Look how good!

It was impossible to follow the recipe for this soup, they said not to stir, but who could resist? And it still tasted great.

Yummy, steaming up my camera.

We let Andy do the "manly" things, like grill (because I'm afraid of the barbecue) and then use the big knife to slice the steak.

And yes, I'm afriad of the broiler too (it's under the oven, never seen that before, and seems too damn close to the floor to be safe)so Kim took on the responsibility for me.

Yes, we saw most of this food prepared on a FoodTV show the day before and decided to quit whining about it and just go make it. I'm so glad we did. It's not like boiling two kilos of pasta for 13 people, but it was quite a thing.



  1. Anonymous said...
    e, your food looks great! By the way, you're one of my heroes. No, seriously you are. It was great to see you at Toni's wedding.

    Toni said...
    yum yum yum.
    oh yeah, I found a little treat in my car, but I won't have the chance to get to a post office until like Monday. :(
    love you.
    Gina Louise said...
    I just made onion soup too. weird... But since I have no onion, and hence no broiler, mine doesn't look that good. It was my first time following a French recipe, though. No better way to learn vocab than through cooking. And really, never want to make 2 kilos of pasta again. Never. Ever.
    April said...
    Hey, E - Here's the link you wanted to the website (it's called the Gender Genie):

    I can see how it would be fun/interesting to use in a class... :)

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