Monday, October 24, 2005

My Bed is for Sleeping

It's raining. I swear, it's been raining since I got back from Minnesota a few weeks ago.

The weekend was dramatic. Lots of drinking (It was Alison's birthday weekend).

Friday I went to Westy's after drinking beer and eating pizza over at Steph's place. Katie Ley and her boyfriend, Joe, met up with us at Westy's. They were partying downtown and were annoyed by the crowds, so Westy's was like a haven. These two are from Wisconsin after all.

Sunday night, Kim, Andy and I found ourselves hungry after celebrating Alison's birthday at the B&W, so we whipped up some shrimp scampi.

Here I am, chopping cilantro. We realize that traditional scampi has fresh parsely in it, but all we had was cilantro, so we figured a good fresh herb was better than no herb at all, and it was delicious!

Andy added the shrimp at precisely the right moment to ensure full cooking without over doing it. No body likes chewy shrimp, and these were just perfect.

Kim was playing photographer that night, and look at this action shot. The cheese is leaping out of the container into the hot pasta and she captured the moment wonderfully.

We also had garlic bread. A nice piece of ciabatta, cut lengthwise, slathered with butter, cilantro, garlic and red pepper flakes. We timed this totally wrong, and were nearly done with the pasta by the time the bread was ready, but we didn't care all that much. It was still tasty. And look how Kim's shirt matches the kitchen!
Finished product in a pretty blue bowl. In the background you can also see the purple frosted cupcakes I made for Alison's birthday. Yes, I had two directly following our meal.
This meal was amazingly easy and quick to put together, start to finish, I'd say about 5 minutes longer than it took to boil the pasta. I think next time I'd like it was maybe some fresh spinach tossed in a the very end and some mushrooms, maybe portabellas. Yummy.


  1. ET said...
    Hey, E
    The site is:

    I don't know how to make it a link but copying and pasting it should work just fine :) It's a pretty cool site. They have all sorts of things. That and is another cute site.

    Hope you find something special to pass on. :-D
    Toni said...
    oh man...yum yum. I've been doing a large share of cooking with wild rice...but only wild rice/chicken soup. Sorry I missed your call - perhaps we can talk tonight?
    love ya

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