Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sexy Plexy

Okay, I'm doing a kinda fun piece of research this semester on the way sexual dysfunction remedies are advertised, but I'm having a little trouble coming up with a sample population of magazines to focus on. So, I need some suggestions, does anyone get or read a magazine where they have noticed advertisements for sexual dysfunction cures? I'm talking Viagra, Cialis, Avlimil, theEuros, or even the "magic" lube ads that claim to help with sex? If you pass on some names of magazines I'll really appreciate it. The only magazine I really ever read is The New Yorker, and it's devoid of said advertisements.

Please help.



  1. ET said...
    I'm not positive, but,
    Cosmopolitan and it's male counterpart, FHM, may be a good place to start your research. Also maybe Men's Health? These seem like logical places to look to me. Hope you find what you're looking for.
    Anonymous said...
    I would also try Rolling Stone, Maxim, and Blender.

    April said...
    I only read Harper's, the New Yorker, and Entertainment Weekly, and I can't recall seeing any such ads (though you might want to double check EW). I'd say magazines like FHM and Maxim would be the best bet - male insecurity and all that.

    ...and somehow I have a Jack Johnson song stuck in my head now... :)
    Anonymous said...
    Yeah, I bet if I looked around vegas e, I could score some good stuff. Let me see what I can find and I'll try to mail it your way.


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