Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Depth was our Difference

The day before Thanksgiving almost everyone was gone, Andy was in Maine, Alison was on her way home, so it was just Steph and I hanging out. She enticed me with a homecooked meal and a promise of spooning.

Here is the sweet corn soup with broccoli and carrots. The money shot is the final dressing of cilantro.

The main dish was a sandwich made with grilled lemon pepper tofu, roasted yellow peppers, a semi soft cheese spread on one side of a multi grain roll and some spinach. Oh my god..one of the best sandwiches I've put in my mouth!

I drove to Donal's house in Shrewsbuy on Thanksgiving night. It was a quick drive, about 1.75 hours, but should have taken 2.5. No one was on the road...everyone was in triptophan heaven laying on the couch. So yeah, I went to Donal's to hang out and go to J's wedding. Donal was one of the Best Men, along with his longtime friend and roommate Blake. Here are Donal and Blake in their tuxes.

The night before we got J thoroughly wasted at his house and then his friends from England, Rob and Harry, went on a walk to the Uni-Mart to buy munchies. Here is J with his favorite thing, donuts with cream filling. If you look closely, you can see the donut has a hole in it, but it is still cream-filled! This phenomenon sparked much discussion about the how's and why's of the cream filled holed donut.
Then J got a lap dance.

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    I recognize these people. Oh wait, that's me.

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