Thursday, November 10, 2005

Your Apocalypse is Fab

Q: What do you do with pumpkins that you didn't carve for Halloween?
A: Make roasted pumpkin tacos!

Here is Alison (after she broke my carving knife) with the cleaned out pumpkin pieces. We reserved the seeds and I roasted them later, but they were so salty no one would eat them :(

We melted some butter and added hot chili sauce and garlic and poured it all over the cut sides of the pumpkin. Next I sprinkled a mixture of sea salt, cumin, allspice and cinnamon all over the butter drenched pumpkin. They took about an hour and half to roast in the oven, and then they looked yummy and were soft enough to cut and eat.

All that was left to do was make a quick tomato and onion salsa with a roasted anaheim chili and heat up some black beans. We scooped out to pumpkin flesh, threw it in some tortillas with some sala and beans, and viola! Dinner.

Best pumpkin taco I've ever eaten.


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