Friday, December 23, 2005

Aunt Elizabeth

I'm an aunt! Now before those of you who know Joel get all freaked out, calm down, he only got a dog. But I prefer dogs to babies anyway, so I'm over the top excited about the new addition to my brother's life.

Alice is a very sweet and active 12 week old pitbull. Here she is half asleep on the super cozy blanket I made for my mother a few years ago. She's absolutely gorgeous and I'm in love with her already, even though I only met her yesterday. I want a puppy so much, but I'll have to live vicariously through Joel for now.


  1. Anonymous said...
    She's so beautiful! Congratulations Aunt E.

    Toni said...
    awwww. Congratulations. I know you'll be a wonderful aunt! p.s. she'd be really fun to teach how to play with play-doh. :)
    love and miss you!

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