Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sweet Potato Party

Well kids, it's been an interesting week cooped up in the house writing my papers. My cold is much better, I haven't been much. I turned in two papers on Monday of this week, and have been working on my last one steadily since then. Well, after a short breakdown on Monday morning. But I fixed that one with the Big Bag of peanut M & M's from CVS. Anyway, a lot has happened, so let's recap.

We had our first snow here in Philadelphia, and since I've been so wrapped up in myself and ignoring the blog lately, we've actually had our second snow too.

I bought a big bag of sweet potatoes the last time I was at Trader Joes, so Andy marinated and grilled a nice flank steak, and I made mashed sweet potatoes. For those that turn their noses up at sweet potatoes, this is the recipe to turn you around. I know this to be true, because it happened to me. The thought of that sticky syrupy marshmallowy gross casserole people make around Thanksgiving time makes me want, well, you know. But my friend Jon made these once for me, and I've been hooked ever since. All you do is smash a few cloves of garlic and throw it in some melted butter on low with some fresh rosemary. Let is sit, you know, a while. Then strain. Peel your potatoes, cut them in to chunks and boil until tender. Drain the potatoes and put them back in the hot pot, add the rosemary garlic butter and serve hot. They're anything but sweet, but incredibly delicious!

We had leftover potatoes, so the next day we sauteed some bell peppers and onions, added the leftover sweet potatoes, some stock and a little tofu, and made this fabulous sauce!

Here is the dish up close. Looks yummy, huh?

We added a little cooked penne to make it substantive. We thought of this dish in about 5 minutes and had mediocre hopes for it, but damn, it was soooo good! I'd make it again.

And of course, everyone's favorite fuel for studying...Brownies. No joke, the 884 collective has consumed two pans of brownies in the past 6 days. Sheeot.

It's one, I'm going to bed.


  1. Gina Louise said...
    Oh e, how I don't miss finals. But how I do miss you. And in random news, I was reading comments on the Amateur Gourmet site earlier, and read something about gelato in Paris and thought, "wow, that sounds like what I did." and then "gee, that's a link to my site" and then discovered that the comment was from you. How bizarre. If all goes well, I'm doing the Paris meet-up on Monday. Hope your holidays are lovely. Thanksgiving looked great.
    E said...
    Oh I'm so jealous you get to meet the Amateur Gourmet! Please take a picture of you two together! And pass on my praises for Adam.

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