Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Suzy, Beth, E & Alison @ Bump Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Alison, wine, miller lite and Entemann's coffee cake, what a combination Posted by Hello

Angela and I at Mary's house with a ton of food, including my delicious Guacamole.  Posted by Hello

Michelle, E and Angela in the Garden at Bump Posted by Hello

Angela on 21st Street Posted by Hello

So, Angela is in town this weekend! Awesome time so far, we hung out at Bump on Friday. Oh my, was the place packed, but who wouldn't be for $3 martinis from 5-7? They had this awesome outdoor garden too, which was less crowded and full of fun people! I drank many many martinis, I recommend the Velvet Pearl or the Astro Pop, very very tasty. I got to introduce Angela to many of my new friends here in Philly. So after a few hours at Bump we moved on the Westbury where we had some snacks, some more drinks and we played a game that many middle schoolers play when they want to practice kissing, but are too afraid to just do it with someone they like. It was...out of control, but so much fun that my lips have been chapped since Friday! Later we hit up Sisters and the Bishops Collar. What a night. Poor Angela was a little sick the next day, but by 4 in the afternoon she rallied enough to go to Mary's, where we ate like...so much food I swear to god my stomach was still all bloated when I woke up this morning.

So, I think Angela had a great time in Philadelphia, I wish she weren't leaving, and I can't wait to see her again. Alison and I have talked about taking a little road trip up to Boston to hang out with her this summer, so that would be cool.

Now that the visit with Angela is over, I really have to get serious about the end of the semester. Presentation on Wednesday of this week, Sampling HW5 due next Thursday, final paper for Susan, annotated bibliography for Susan and then my final exam in Social Movements and then...I get to go home to see my parents. So excited for that.

Going to bed!