Thursday, June 30, 2005

Donuts: best for dinner

Thanks to Toni I have beautiful new nailpolish in Lavender Moon and Whipped Pink! Thanks Toni, they're gorgeous, and the Dreams stuff smells like, out of control delicious.

Summer Session I is over and grades are turned in. All of my students did so well, I'm very proud. I've been enjoying my week off immensely and of course putting off preparing for my next class which starts on July 5th. I'm teaching at Main Campus for Session II and I'm not doing Statistics again, this time it will be American Ethnicity, a survey of immigrant groups in America. Fun Fun.

Moving day is rapidly approaching, and I'm like, so not packed. When will stop moving at the end of every year? I'm so tired of putting all my books in boxes (and the books just keep multiplying!) and carrying them up and down stairs, the damn things are heavy!

Donal is coming this weekend, I'm going to talk him in to going to Live 8 on Saturday, and the Monday there will be a barbecue at Mary's. Excellent, much food and wine will be consumed I'm sure.

And for the best news, I'm going to Las Vegas in August! Yeah. I think the only downfall will be that it will be August, and I might melt, but it'll be worth it I'm sure. I was just in Vegas for New Year's with Liz and Natalie, but this time I'm flying solo and just hanging with B-rad. Wicked good times are expected, I hope he's ready. I'm so excited about it and it's not even July yet, but I swear I talk about it everyday! Enough then, or I'll explode with anxiousness.

To watch CSI!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Natalie was just in Italy. Here she is grabbing ass in some museum.  Posted by Hello

Why did the cookie go to the doctor?

He was feeling crumby.

Crumby indeed. Man, it's been a rough week or so. I did see Donal this weekend, but it was draining. He's bummed, I was bummed, for different but equally sad reasons, and we just ended up doing a lot of stress eating. But, what amazing stress eating it was! I drove down to York Friday afternoon, and we immediately took a cruise down to Gettysburg and went to eat at Ping's Cafe. This is some of the best Chinese food on the east coast. I'm telling you, if you ever feel moved to see the infamous battlefields at Gettysburg it is worth it to eat at this Chinese restaurant. We had amazing crab rangoon, hot tea, eggrolls, and shezchuan beef and it's cheap too! Later we watched Sideways, which was incredibly overrated and boring! The only humorous scenes involved intentionally trying to get a Saab convertible to run in to a tree, and Sandra Oh beating the shit out of Lowell from "Wings" with a motorcycle helmet. Ridiculous.

On Saturday we had the worst coffee in the world at Perkins, and then tried to change the oil in my car. For whatever reason, we were unsuccessful, so poor car is still dragging ass and choking on her old oil. Why am I so lazy? But then Saturday night we had an amazing dinner with Donal's dad, Karl, and his girlfriend Beth. As well as Ruth, donal's sister, and her boyfriend Mike. A good time was had by all. We went up to New Cumberland and ate on the new patio at Pete's Cafe. The food there is out of this world. I had sea scallops in a vodka marinara sauce. Omg! Delicious. Strangely, all the women at the table ate the seac scallops and all the men had a the steak. Interesting social variable, meal selection.

Then Donal and went over to see J and Sarah, they're in the process of moving, so we didn't hang out long before we headed back down to York and met Blake and Ben for coffee at Round the Clock.

Oy, after all that eating, Donal and I went home and slept till late the next morning. We took a nice long drive, talked motorcycles, chain smoked and then hit up El Rodeo (as is Sunday tradition) before I drove back to Philly.

I taught a short class on Monday night, then I had to leave while they filled out class evaluations on me! Nervewracking, since I will not get to see said comments until September. So I have to make up the final exam for them to take on Wednesday and then I'm done with the first summer session, except for compiling final grades. Sure, it went fast, but I'm sure the next week and a half will go even faster and then summer session II starts. My work never ends, sociology must be spread to the masses, or at least the 25 people who are signed up for my class.

To work!