Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fish in Crazy Water

I typed a huge and interesting blog post yesterday, and then my internet connection pooped out on me as I tried to publish, and well, I lost it all. I just don't have the energey to do it all again, so this will be the abbreviated version.

Teaching is like, OOC. I can't wait till it's over. Really, it's not that I don't like teaching, because I do, and I'm fairly good at it. But this class is like...difficult. They're not very interested it seems, maybe it's the heat or the early hour, or the combination. Or maybe I'm just ready for vacation. Maine with my family in just two weeks! Then a few days in Philly with Joel...and then off for the real vacation to visit Brad in Las Vegas. We're going to see Zumanity. Sounds totally hot, which fits with the whole Las Vegas theme. We don't have much else planned, but I'm sure that B-Rad and I will come up with something fun to do. I just hope it isn't 114 degrees, I'm already melting. Oooh, I hope he has a scrabble board!

I had the house to myself this past weekend. Mary came over on Friday and we ate like a ton of Chinese food, the place we ordered from on Fairmount even had Crab Rangoon, which is like non-existent on the east coast and totally my favorite.

Then on Saturday I had my buddies John and Phil over and made a fabulous dinner. I tried 2 new recipes, Fish (I used red snapper) in Crazy Water and Israeli cous cous with baby arugala and tomatoes. Both were out of this world good, and we also had salad. I cheated on dessert by buying a pound cake (no one wants to turn the over on when it's 95 and humid) but I made up for it by whipping fresh cream and serving with raspberries and strawberries. I practically rolled Jon and Phil out the door. We played two games of Scrabble, both of which I won. Suprise suprise. I'm so arrogant when it comes to Scrabble.

So there's more to say, but my lecture for tomorrow has yet to be started, and well, school first kids.

Off to compose some notes on the immigration patterns of Middle Eastern Americans!


Monday, July 04, 2005

What a great weekend to live in a large historic city. Originally Alison and I had plans to go to Boston to see Angela. But when we heard about Live 8 weeks ago, we quickly changed plans.

I hate crowds, but love live music, so it was a pleasurable and painful experience. And well, it was bloody hot.
Donal came by, he took the scenic route from York on his motorcycle. We saw a movie one night, it was lacking in many things, including my interest. We grilled out twice, oh my goodness so much food. Last night we grilled chicken, and made jamie Oliver's baked onions. Years ago, Donal, Ryan and I saw him make these onions on tv and drooled over them. We never made them and lost the recipe, but I found it the other day online so Donal and I made them.

Here is the beginning of the filling preparation.

You had to boil the onions whole for about 10 minutes. Then wait for them to cool (we did this, but were impatient, so I burned myself a little) and scoop out the inside of the onions and chop them up in a pan with oil, rosemary, salt and pepper, cream and parmesean cheese until it's like so yummy, then stuff it back in the onions and wrap a pience of bacon around the whole darn thing. Oh my god!

Then you bake them in the overn for about 30 minutes until they're all brown and crunchy.

They were fantastic, worth the 4 year wait, and I'll make them again. Enjoy the photographic evidence of the meal that Donal, Mary and I had last night.

Here you can see the full spectrum of eats. Honey Lime Grilled chicken sandwhiches, the aforementioned baked onions, and sweet potato garlic french fries.

Elton John is playing before the fireworks in Philly tonight, but due to a series of unfortunate events, I won't be attending. I'm a bad bad professor type and have delayed writing the syllabus for my class which starts tomorrow morning at 9 am. This is the reason why I shouldn't go out tonight. Despite that, the reason why I'm not going out tonight is the stupid parade route that runs behind my house and is closed to traffic. This wouldn't be such a problem if the only way out of my parking lot didn't empty out on to said closed street. Too bad. But now I'm forced to schedule reading assignments and fully prepare for the first lecture of the session.