Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh Sheeot kids...long time no blog posts.

This year marked the first Christmas in my family's history that Joel wasn't a complete asshole. I think it's Alice's influence, she has a total calming effect on him. So the holiday was nice. I brined a turkey and we had it on Christmas Eve, and my mother made a beef tenderloin for Christmas day. No pictures, sorry. Besides, Natalie made me feel self conscious about the food I may try to cut it out for a while.

I got a new pair of slippers, a beautiful pink argyle sweater that I love, and some other nice stuff including a little spending money.

All of which I spent on my trip to see Brad in Las Vegas. I have to say, New Year's Eve in Vegas was much cooler last year, not that I didn't love seeing Katie E and hanging with B-rad, but the crowds were less friendly, and it was just a different mood. It was nice to be in Nevada and enjoy some weather that was a bit warmer than Nebraska or Pennsylvania. Ironically, on New Year's day, we drove up to Mt. Charleston and went sledding and then I poured half a root beer in my crotch. That last part wasn't ironic, just silly.

I have pictures, I'll choose a few when I get home to post up here, but for's bedtime.


  1. Donal said...
    What's wrong with food blogging?
    Anonymous said...
    Liz was reading your blog a couple hours back and said the same as Donal...And I'm in total agreement with both. :)

    E said...
    Thanks guys! I'll keep it up. Screw Natalie. just kidding, nat. I love you, but I love food blogging also!

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