Monday, January 30, 2006

Fantasy Fulfilled Flashback

I played three games of Scrabble on Sunday!

Kim was in town, we made deep dish pizza in my cast iron pan, and played three games of scrabble. They just kept wanting to play, I couldn't believe my luck. I only have this one strange picture from any of the games, but it captures by best scoring word to date that was not a BINGO. The board is upside down, so you have to look closely, but the word is "OPAQUE" and the Q was on a double letter score, and the O was on the triple word at the top center of the board, so I scored 86 points. NICE.


  1. toni said...
    so I was totally watching the national scrabble championship or something a few weeks a bit nostalgic and missed you much! it's just not the same without you when I play. :(
    Music Guru said...
    Not that this really has to do with Scrabble, but I just sort of stumbled upon this while looking at Fark today:

    Look under January 30th (today), second from the top, click on the 'archinect' link...I knew our alma matter was illustrious for something...And gee, isn't that a familiar face giving the quote?

    Secondly, how did a story like this get onto a site that's about architecture? Wouldn't snowmen be considered sculpture?

    Gee, any ideas as to the culprets?

    This made my day :)

    P.S. This also made The Chronicle of Higher Education...oh lord...nevermind that Harrison Ford went there...
    April said...

    Did you know there's a documentary called "Word Wars" that's basically a film version of the book "Word Freak"? Haven't seen it myself yet (it's on my list), but sounds like it's pretty good.


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