Monday, January 09, 2006

Some Puppy Pictures (not food)

So, Joel got a dog. I posted a single picture a week or so ago, but now that I'm in Philly again (for a mere 12 hours before I take off for Florida) I could upload all of my Alice pictures and choose among the very best for posting.

Here is Alice looking adorable sitting on Joel's lap. Happy coincidence he's wearing my school's shirt. I need to get him a new one though, this one is full of holes, gross.

Alice does a lot of three things, sleeping and playing. Here she is doing the former. When she's really tired her tongue hands out. The lion was formerly mine, but she requisitioned it from the basement closet within a few hours.

It's like incredibly cold in Nebraska, so it's smart to bundle up.

Alice has like, super short thin hair, so anytime she needed to go out she instantly started shivering. Claire would have none of that sort of suffering, so Christmas Eve we went out and bought her two things the pink argyle sweater she has on here and one to grow in to that is a blue and grey baseball jersey. She's so adorable!

Especially when she's sleeping.


  1. toni said...
    awwwww!!! I do love puppies..even more when they're not mine. I'll stick with the spasti-cats called Eddie and Sally. :)

    love and miss you!
    Elizabeth Anne said...
    oh my goodness. i am in awe of the total cuteness that is that puppy! love the vegas pictures too!

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