Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Steelers and Trepenation

Everyone who knows or has met Alison quickly learns that she loves the Steelers. So you can only imagine how bonkers she was the weeks preceding the SuperBowl 40.

Alison's sister, Annie, came out from Ohio to watch the game with Alison. She stopped in Pittsburgh to see the Watts family, and picked up these chips! Steelers chips! I'm trying to recall seeing red and white corn chips in Nebraska in the fall, but I don't remember, or never paid enough attention to remember.

Things were so exciting that even I got wrapped up and infected with Steeler fever. Yes, I have a football jersey on. Yes, it's Jerome Bettis'. Yes, Alison and Annie cried when he retired.

These girls are so Steelers crazy, Alison even owns Steelers Monopoly, and they played a game on Saturday during their private pep rally. Annie kicked Alison's ass. The best part of this picture is that if you look closely in the background, you can see the Steelers pillow that graces our living room and the box of Steelers tissues that another grad student gave Alison.

On a totally different note, this picture is ridiculous. This is my good friend J-Rye from Ripon. Well, he's actually from Algoma, which is on the thumb of Wisconsin, but he's currently displaced and living in Pittsburgh. The drill is actually no where near my head, but the picture is deceptive. It reminds me of when I learned about trepenation in high school.

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  1. Donal said...
    You know what that picture of J-Rye reminds me of?

    ... krehis mom's blackbottom cupcakes.

    I miss living next to J-Rye. We had lots of fun.

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