Tuesday, March 21, 2006

El Rodeo

Saturday night the park street collective and I wanted dinner and a movie. We decided to see V for Vendetta, but beforehand we needed to eat. One of my favorite restaurants in York is El Rodeo, so we endured the 30 minute wait.

I was insistent upon El Rodeo for one reason, Tapatio. Grilled chicken breast covered with grilled chorizo and cheese. Served with tortillas, rice and beans. I like to put a little bit of everything in my tortilla and make a huge mess. This is a phenomenal combination of flavors. Three out of four of us agreed it was awesome. Jill might have also agreed, but she had enchiladas.

Look how satiated Blake looks eating his Tapatio. As if we weren't all gluttonous enough cleaning out dinner plates, we also had dessert and coffee.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I live in York, PA. I'm Mexican and my mother and grandmother very often cook Mexican food. I love the food they make, but I also love to eat at El Rodeo. They have the best shrimp quesadillas!
    Anonymous said...
    I was just there over the weekend and my boyfriend ordered tapatios and gave me a bite.. it was amazing! So now I am looking for the recipe.

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