Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Mini Egg

Hands down, the best Easter candy ever created is the Cadbury Mini Egg.

They come in a delightful little bag like this. Or if you're lucky like I was, your local CVS will carry the extra big 22oz size, and you can eat and eat and eat and eat them.

I think it's the chocolate inside that really does it for me. Not grainy or fake tasting like American brands, the Cadbury chocolate is smooth and while I'd prefer dark chocolate, the milk is pretty tasty. And the shell, oh the shell! Thicker than the candy coating on an M&M and left rough and matte, provides a great contrast to the super smooth chocolate.

I hate that these candies only come out around Easter time.


  1. toni said...
    I still remember the gigantic cadbury egg your mom sent. I swear that was in the room for over a month. :)
    Anonymous said...
    I love Cadbury, and not just the eggs. They have this candy bar in England that looks like a Butterfinger, but inside is honeycomb...mmmm...I think they carry it in Cost Plus World Market. It's one of my favorite candy bars, next to Aero and Kinder.


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