Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mis-Match in Boston, Mass

I recently traveled to Boston to present a paper I wrote at the Eastern Sociological Society's 76th Annual Meeting. While I was excited to present at the conference, I was more excited to party and eat in Boston, as well as visit with my dear friend, Angela.

Here we are on the first night in town, I'd met Angela for beers a few hours earlier, so we were sufficiently toasted. This is the usually the point in the night where it is a bad idea to order a martini. Why? Because you'll spill the damn thing all over your lap! Who's idea was it to put it in that stupid glass? I don't remember what kind I had, but it was delicious.

Angela picked the restaurant, Match, based on my explaining we had some bourgeoisie eaters and a vegetarian, as well as people who love to drink! All requirements satisfied, we took the T (which is superior to SEPTA by far) to Hynes/ICA, walked one block up Mass Ave, and we had arrived. I felt a bit underdressed at first, but it was really just the hostessess who were overdressed. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I ordered the lobster burger with onion rings, sounds fast food, but it was so not. Look at this plate! Actually, it's four plates. One just for ketchup! And one just to hold the ketchup and onion rings! Aside from being only four bites big, the lobster burger was incredibly yummy and fresh.

Would I go back? Probably not. A little pricey for little food. Though I couldn't finish my onion rings, even after sharing with the table, I would have loved a full size lobster burger instead of this slider version. Boston on the whole? I pretty lousy trip. Angela and I had a few nice hours together where we played Scrabble and ate pizza, but I found the trip, and the city, more annoying than anything else.


  1. toni said...
    yes, of course I will try to take pictures of food in Japan...unless it's extremely against customs and what-have-you. If so, I'll take pictures of the food we make at my aunts. :) miss you!
    April said...
    Sorry to hear the trip to Boston sucked, but then, Boston does tend to suck.

    If you're in southern New England again anytime in the near future, let me know and I'll introduce you to my favorite Providence sushi restaurant.
    Angela said...
    I agree that Boston sucks (that's why I'm trying like hell to get out), but hopefully the trip as a whole was okay (despite our little spat). You should have taken a pic of the burritos at Anna's! That was something good about Boston, right? Well, actually it was in Brookline so I guess it doesn't count! Anyway, hope you're doing well...I'll give you a call tonight!

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