Thursday, March 23, 2006

Park Street Collective Dinner

Park Street Collective purchased a small barbecue grill at K-mart. After Donal put it together, it was decided that we should use it to cooks various meats and some veggies.

Here you can see Donal hard at work, while Jill keeps him company outside. When in the presence of men putting things together, I generally try to keep my distance, I've found it's less dangerous. But everyone came out of this unharmed.

Blake showed off his master knife skills and snappy hat as he disassembled a few peppers and a zucchini.

We let the veggies marinate in a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and some dried herbs, salt and pepper.

Unlike the 884 collective, the Park St. Collective loves meat, especially if it's shaped like a sausage. Look at all the meat products purchased for just one meal!From top left and continuing clockwise we have, hamburger, Hebrew National franks, cheddar links bratwurst and Polish Kielbasa.

It's not that here at 884 we don't eat any meat, because we do. But we don't eat it in quantities like this! I had to take a picture just to show that it really happened.

We grilled everything up, I lost a few zucchini through the grates of the new grill, but everything else turned out wonderful.

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  1. Blehke said...
    Excellent review of our park st. facility.
    Good press from the marinatrix trumps our weak zagat rating any day!

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