Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Full Plate - Northern Liberties

art menu
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Close friends of the 884 collective, Shannon & Liz are opening a small BYOB cafe in Northern Liberties this Wednesday. This morning Donal and I were lucky enough to be part of the "dress rehearsal".

e and donal
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Here we are looking goofy and anxiously awaiting our appetizers. We had an abbreviated menu, but there were still lots of choices. Our table of four included Donal, Carrie and Bill, so we ordered all three of the appetizers.

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First, the crispy polenta. Rounds of polenta were toasted and topped with roasted red pepper goat cheese and a salad of Mediterranean veggies. The salad was delicious and had peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, olives and onions.

spinach and Muenster bruschetta
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Our second choice was my favorite. Spinach and Muenster cheese bruschetta. It was full of garlic and tomatoes, but wasn't too oily the way bruschetta can sometimes be. Loved it.

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Our final appetizers was the chicken quesadilla. The chicken was grilled and was covered with a very flavorful chipotle tomato sauce and cheese. The tortilla was whole wheat, which please Carrie quite a bit. Look how happy she is:

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open faced turkey sandwich
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Donal chose the Open faced Turkey Sandwich. Chunks of turkey were served on black bread with a roasted red pepper sauce. The little dish to to the side contains cucumber salad that was fantastic! Sweet and vinegary.

chicken salad with grapes
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Carrie had the Chicken Salad Sandwich. It looked delicious, and had red grapes tucked inside! It was also served on a hallah roll, my favorite. I think I might get this next time I go in. The sandwich also came with the cucumber salad, but Carried doesn't like cucumbers, so I ate hers too.

chicken and waffles
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For my lunch, I had something I'd only seen on TV. Chicken and Waffles. Yes. Fried chicken, served over a waffle with bbq syrup. The chicken was awesome, the waffle was good, and the combination of sweet maple syrup and spicy bbq sauce was really really good. Look how much I'm enjoying it:

e with chicken and waffle
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Unfortunately, as in most dress rehearsals, a little something goes wrong. Bill ordered the turkey club sandwich, but they'd already run out of turkey! So he had to look back at the menu and pick something new. In a very smart move, Bill went straight for dessert.

black moon with ice cream
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This is a black moon cookie served with vanilla ice cream. These are best described as big, soft oreo cookies. Shannon and Jamie thought they tasted like TastyKake, I think they taste better. I might be a little biased though, because I made them, and I always think homemade baked goods taste better than store bought.

happy campers
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A few other tables had the pleasure of dining at the cafe this morning. Here we have Jane, Matt, Molly and Mindy. They also had the chicken quesadillas, Molly got the last of the turkey in her Turkey club, and Matt had the carrot salad sandwich. Everyone seemed very pleased with the food and the wine. The wine, because it's a BYOB!

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Here's a picture of the tentative menu. I can't wait to try more of it. And neither should anyone reading this. The cafe is located in Liberties Walk. From Girard turn south onto 2nd street, it's about a block up on your right.

A Full Plate. BYOB 1009 N. Bodine Street, Philadelphia, PA


  1. toni said...
    You have to send me your recipe for the black moon cookies. I completely forgot how much I used to love when your mom would send those!
    much love and hugs.
    toni said...
    yummy, black moon cookies. (squished, in a box, sent with love from Nebraska)

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