Monday, May 15, 2006

Vera Cruzan

On Washington Ave, somewhere between 8th and 9th, tucked between fishmarkets is some of Philly's best Mexican food.

e and kitchen
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At Vera Cruzan, the kitchen is relatively open so you can enjoy the show. Seating is on two levels, but there are probably only 10 tables in the whole restaurant. Directly behind me is the higher seating level and beyond that is the kitchen.

Special Order Steak Tacos
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I had the steak tacos, special order, which means is comes with onions, cilantro and lime wedges. I can't tell you how amazing these tacos are. The meat is tender, the cilantro and fresh lime link the fresh tortillas and the meat into one awesome thing to put in your mouth. There is something about the meat, they must marinate it with some brown sugar or something secretive, because it has subtle flavors of maple syrup. Awesome.

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Vera Cruzan is also BYOB, so Maverick here brought some beers. Beer goes so well with Mexican food. I had an imported Coke, which came in a bottle (I love that). Anyone who has had a Coke in say, Spain or England, has had this kind of coke, it's slightly thicker and also a tad sweeter than the U.S. variety. It's never served on ice.

Uhlie Steak Quesadillas
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Uhlie had the Special Order Quesadillas. This is not a typical Mexican American Quesadilla. These are more like the tacos I have, only filled with steak and cheese, and then piled with salad and queso fresca. This is definitely what I'm getting next time, which hopefully is tonight since I took these pictures 2 weeks ago, and I'm ready for another go.


  1. toni said...
    yummy, yummy. hubby and I made a sort of mexican lasagna this weekend: enchilda sauce, beans, ground beef, and cheese all layered between tortillas and baked for a while. yum yum. I'm getting better about thinking, "where's the camera?" Sorry I missed you at the airport. One of these days you'll have to get an extended layover.
    miss ya.
    Maintained (Curated?) by Rob Jacobson said...
    Coke else where is made with Sugar, not corn syrup.

    I'm going here tonight. I will have a coke.
    Maintained (Curated?) by Rob Jacobson said...
    Good flavors.

    The sauces at the beginning of the meal were very good - fresh, home made chips. Guac was good. Tacos were good.

    They took good care of the kids.

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