Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shrimp Tostados

I needed to put a dent in a bunch of white corn tortillas I purchased for last week's carnitas, so Andy and I decided to give grilling them a try. My hope was that I could get awesome taco shells without frying them in oil. Unfortunately bending the shells on the grill was a miserable failure and we just left them flat and made tostado shells instead.

cucumber salad with black beans
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I also had half a can of black beans left over and huge cucumber to get through, so I chopped up the cucumber along with some tomatoes, red onion, and added the beans, salt, pepper, cuming and a touch of jalapeno sauce to make this relish/salad.

grilled shrimp with spicy barbecue sauce
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We whipped up a spicy BBQ sauce and brushed it one some skewered shrimp and grilled them up.

shrimp tostados
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The final product was impossible to eat with a knife and fork, but a fun, albeit messy hand-held dinner, and while the healthier slant was good and good for us, these grilled shells were no where near as good as the traditional fried version.

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  1. Gina Louise said...
    ARE YOU COMING TO ARIZONA? Think of the cooking fest! Just think about it. My parents have TWO ovens. And a big grill.It would be the best Delta Psi food event EVER.

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