Sunday, July 16, 2006


From the northern liberties website:
Bussola Trattoria & Lounge
In the old El Viejo San Juan space at the corner of 3rd. and Girard. Two full Bars, club lounge, gelateria, cigar lounge available and roof top deck.

Sometimes my roommate and I like to go on "dates". We dress up a little, one of us picks a nice place for dinner, we go out, have a few cocktails and some good eats. It's a pretty swell thing to do with your friends. Two weeks ago I took Alison to Bussola Trattoria because I'd read some interesting things about it on the message board. One of the first things we did was order drinks. By recommendation, I had a gellato martini.

Gellato martini
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I believe it was peach flavored vodka, a scoop of vanilla gellato and some other stuff. At first sip, it was way too strong for me, but as I let the gellato melt, it's sweetness toned down the vodka and created a very nice drink that was refreshing on the warm evening. Alison had a planter's punch drink with real cardamom floating in it!

uhlie being funny
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To start we shared an appetizer of endive leaves stuffed with ricotta, parmesean and spring onions. Ha ha, bunny ears, I guess that's inevitable when I insist on taking pictures of my food.

penne with vodka sauce and shrimp
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Alison had the Penne with shrimp, crab and vodka sauce. Well, that's the what the menu said it was going to be, and it looks delicious, doesn't it? Tasted pretty good too, except there wasn't a single flake, or shred of crab in the whole thing. That would have been okay if the menu hadn't emphasized the inclusion of crab claws when they had no intention of serving them.

Papardelle with tomato sauce
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My entree was both true to the description in the menu and tasty, if not a little on the cold side. Papardelle with mushrooms and red sauce. Papardelle are like thin but wide fettucini, actually, they really resemble ribbons, and it was the perfect style of pasta to serve with the thick sauce.

Uhlie and e
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We walked down Germantown Ave to our favorite, Bodine Street, and A Full Plate. Here we shared a bottle of chianti and some blueberry perogi's with ice cream. Share is a little ridiculous, as I ate three out of four perogi's, but I think Uhlie had a little more wine, so it works out.


  1. toni said...
    mmmm, I can only imagine how good a "martini float" would be!
    Angela said...
    My name is's interesting that Alison is also called Uhlie. I assume they're spoken the same way anyway.
    Angela said...
    I started looking through some of your archives in search of a casserole recipe but gave up. I have a bridal shower on Saturday and was told to bring a casserole (actually I said I was really good at desserts, but could probably squeak out a decent casserole and they apparently decided to take their chances...). Do you have a recipe for a pasta or rice and veggies (meat optional) casserole sitting around? Something tried and true would be awesome. And summery would be even better.
    Thanks in advance for doing my research for me... :) <3 ya

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