Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dimitri's - Queen Village

Andy got a new job! While we're sad he's leaving the 884 collective, this is an awesome lateral move for him, plus he gets to live with Kim in the sorority house. So, when we learned of the good news Friday afternoon, we decided to celebrate a little.

wine cheers
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It was hot, but we picked up a couple bottle of wine at the spirits store and grabbed a cab down to Old City to eat at Dimitri's. Here we are giving a little well deserved cheers to Andy. You can see his big grin in the top left corner!

soft shells
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Dimitri's has a nice sized fixed menu, but their specials seem to be the way to go. Andy ordered the entree special, soft shell crab, breaded and fried, served with rice and escarole. Yum! Kim didn't enjoy the bite she had, but it was probably more of a mental barrier than anything having to do with the taste, because I thought they were awesome.

tomato moz salad
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We also tried the salad special, roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil leaves with a little oil and vinegar. In the background you can also see the "best hummus in the city" as well as the char-grilled pita and French bread which starts every meal at Dimitri's for me.

grilled octopus
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The last time I was at Dimitri's was for my birthday and Alison ordered the same thing, grilled octopus with lemon and butter. Again, the texture is something you have to get used to, it's not tender and not easy to chew, but that's pretty characteristic of octopus.

seafood fettucini
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I tried something new, the seafood fettucini, mussels, clams and good sized shrimp with fettucini in a garlic, butter and red pepper broth. It was so hot when it came to the table, I couldn't eat it for a few minutes, but it was a nice flavorful dish, it was also huge, so I mostly ended up eating all the good stuff and leaving the pasta in the bowl.

Later we got fabulously drunk at Krupa's and ended up closing down the bar with a bunch of hipsters singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Congratulations on the new job Andy!

Dimitri's is by far the best seafood BYOB in Philly. The wait can be long, but they hostess will come fetch you if you tell her you'll wait over in the bar at the New Wave Cafe. The prices are high, but worth it in my opinion, especially when you can bring your own wine and enjoy the open kitchen.

795 S 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Cash only!

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