Thursday, August 10, 2006

Las Cazuelas

The 884 collective is down to just two. Yup, Alison and I are all by ourselves, now without kitchen table or spoons. I'm just kidding (partly) we have a table, but it wobbles, and I just went to IKEA and purchased new flatware. Most sad is that we're not without Andy.

As sad as we were to see him go, we're really happy that he's got a great new job and he and Kim finally get to live together. Here is the former collective at Las Cazuelas. You can find the menu here. It's conveniently located on Girard Ave near Fourth street.

Our server was very friendly, explained the specials and gave us some time to order while we drank our first bottle of wine. Andy decided to try the Tortilla Soup which you see picture above. It was presented very nicely with crispy tortilla strips and avocado. I thought the soup was too salty, but other than that, it was a thin but rich tomato broth.

My favorite thing to eat as Las Cazuelas is the Corn Sopes. Three round thick tortillas topped with refried beans, salsa verde, diced onions and cheese. I love these and could eat them everyday. I could have eaten all three of these that night, but I shared.

Alison had Tacos De Sundero. Three soft tortillas with grilled flank steak and garnished with cilantro and diced onions, served with tomatillo sauce (house specialty). I had a small bite of one taco, and it was nice, but nowhere near as good as the tacos at Vera Cruzan.

Andy opted for one of the specials of the night. A grilled steak served with guacamole and rice as well as an enchilada de mole. The enchilda was a soft tortilla stuffed with marinated chicken, topped with a chocolate mild sauce and garnished with juliene onions, sour cream and cotija cheese.

I tried something new for dinner, the Pollo a Las Cazuelas. This dish consisted of grilled chicken breast stuffed with cheese, layered in a mild tangy tomatillo sauce and served with yellow rice and refried beans. It was good, but the chicken wasn't so much stuffed with cheese as it was just topped with cheese. Regardless, it was delicious and I ate it all.

We skipped dessert, even though I've heard people rave about the Tres Leches cake, and instead went to the Sunoco on Fairmount for ice cream. Ben and Jerry never let me down.

Andy will be missed, but I hope he had a good time living, cooking and eating with us at 884.

Las Cazuelas
426 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia 19123
Between N Lawrence St & N Leithgow St

Phone: 215-351-9144
Las Cazuelas in Philadelphia

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  1. Georgee said...
    I love your blog. I discovered some restaurants I would have otherwise not gone to. I took my g/f to Las Cazuelas and she loved the food (she's a picky eater too), especially the shrimp dish and the tres leches. Unfortunately, we went during Lent so our options were limited but definitely looking forward to going again.


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