Friday, September 08, 2006

Eating Omaha, Nebraska

Seriously Jimmy John's sandwich shop (72nd Street, one block south of dodge) makes the best hoagie west of Philly. The bread is so soft and perfect. They put just the right about of mayo and lettuce, the tomatoes are always roma and are delicious. Can't get enough Jimmy John's when I'm in Omaha. There used to only be one JJ's in Lincoln, NE. Natalie was actually the one who introduced me to it down on 14th and O after a long night of drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

Another night I took out some steaks, which my parents usually have just sitting in the freezer waiting (what??!!??) and made a veggie pasta salad with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red and yellow peppers and my homemade mustard dill dressing. I'd also like to point your attention to the bright purple spoon in the salad bowl. This spoon will be left to me in my mother's will. We've had it since, forever, we can't find another one like it. I will have it.

They look beautiful together, no? And it was a super simple meal with good contrast, the steak was hot and salty, the pasta salad cold, refreshing and a little tangy with the vinegar and mustard.

I met Sarah Burke out for martinis one night and even though I'd already eaten dinner a few hours earlier, I had the munchies. I ordered the Maryland crab dip with tortilla chips. This place is Charlie's on the Creek at 88th and Maple. Not to be confused with Charlie's on the Lake at 144th and L. Either way, luscious crab dip.

One of Dave and Claire's favorite places to dine out is Katie's for Greek food down on 40th and Dodge. I usually get the small Gyro sandwich and have trouble finishing it. Seriously.delicious.gyro. You may be drawn in to the place up Dodge with it's King Kong statue, but if it's authentic greek you want, go to Katie's.

Another reason the Gyro sandwich is sufficiently filling is that I can usually talk Mom and Dad into ordered the Saganaki, or the flaming cheese. The waitress brings out a small pan with the breaded and fried cheese in the center. She pours on some liquor, sets it on fire, yells "Opa" and then squeezes half of a fresh lemon on the flames, then sets it down for you to eat with their delicious pita bread. Love it!


  1. Anonymous said...
    They have several Jimmy John's in Chi-town (mmm...delicioso), if you're here for New Years! :P

    I just love that when you order a pickle, you get the whole deli size pickle...mmm...

    Angela said...
    Can I have the recipe for the veggie pasta salad? I like everything in it! Amazing.

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