Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cheese and Dessert

Recently, I had someone over for dinner I was trying to impress. Not necessarily impress with my cooking, but I definitely wanted this person to think something like "wow" when they remembered dinner at my house. I opened with a cheese plate:
cheese plate
My favorite environmentally sustainable bamboo plate filled with goodies! A white peach, toasted walnuts, grapes, Edam, olives, black pepper crackers, herbed crostini, and some saga blue cheese.

We had pasta with portabello mushrooms, baby arugala, tomatoes and mozzarella for dinner, but I didn't take a picture! Too excited.
Strawberry apple crisp
Earlier in the day I'd made dessert and baked it so that I would just have to put it back in the over for 10 minutes so it would warm up. This is my strawberry-peach-apple crisp.


3 apples, peeled, sliced
one large container of strawberries, hulled, cut in half
one white peach (I only used this because I had it leftover from the cheese plate) sliced, I left the skin on because whit peaches don't have as much fuzz.
3 tablespoons of brown sugar
2 tablespoons of flour
Juice of one lemon and some zest
vanilla extract

Mix these ingredients together and place in a buttered 13X9 glass dish.


1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup toasted slivered almonds (you can used whatever nut you like)
1/4 cup oats

Crumble together until all flour and brown sugar are moistened. Sprinkle mixture over fruit layer. Bake for about 45 minutes at 350. Serve warm with ice cream!


  1. ET said...
    I'd be impressed. Your desert looks delightful!

    Hope things are going well and you're studying/procrastinating enough :)
    ET said...
    and no i didn't mean sandy and warm with little rain. I meant dessert. I took a spelling vacation there for a moment..
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, that cheese platter should be the subject of a still life. Nice.


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