Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tacconelli's and McMillian's Bakery

The most recent addition to the 884 collective is Jamie. Jamie has been friends with Alison since like, forever. And we were happy to have her join us after Andy departed the middle room.
Jamie and e
Here I am, pictured with Jamie. I don't know what is wrong with my hair, but there is certainly something wrong with it. I also have eyes like I've been drinking for hours, but I swear I had only two beers. Anyway. This is our new roommate and she just had a birthday!
Jamie is a bit of a picky eater. In the weeks she's lived here, I've been trying to piece together her eating habits into something that makes sense. Here's what I have so far, nothing green. We took her to Toccanelli's for her birthday. Toccanelli's is by far the best pizza in the city, and you can read my previous post on it here. This is the plain pie, Jamie's favorite. So amazing, you should come to Philly and visit me and I will surely take you here for your mouth to be dazzled.
white with spinach and tomato
Unfortunately for Jamie, and despite the fact that it was her birthday, we got two pizzas that had stuff all over them. This is the white pie (i.e. no red sauce) with spinach and tomato. As a commenter on Flickr noted, "This pizza looks amazing, but the beer selection needs improvement" and how true they are. All I'm saying is I didn't pick up the beer.
sausage and mushroom
We also ordered a red pie with sausage and mushrooms. This pizza was very tasty, but it was almost too much topping for the delicate and thin crust.
plain white
Finally, we ordered a plain white pie. This basically is just the great Toccanelli's dough with garlic and olive oil and maybe a little cheese. If you were counting, we ordered 4 pizzas for 5 girls, so of course we had more than whole pizza left over and took it home to eat later.

Jamie then went to her parent's house in New Jersey for some homemade lasagna of which she brought leftovers home. However, I can't take anytime to talk about the lasagna because the cake she brought home deserves all my attention.
Hoho cake box
I had no idea what wonders were lying beneath this gold seal and white cardboard, but as soon as we took it out of the box, I knew it was going to be good.
Hoho cake
It was like a GIANT Ho Ho! Oh my stars (I have never said that before, but it seems appropriate, so I'm leaving it)! This cake was a huge replica of those snack cakes we loved as kids, only better. Not just better because it was bigger, but better because the very center held a treasure of chocolate cream, and the chocolate topping was spiked with some sort of liqueur to make it suitable for grown up palates.
cake 2
Here is a slice that does a better job of showing the details. I could not stop thinking about this cake after I ate it, and was impressed with it so much that I'm glad I live nowhere near the bakery so as to make purchasing one very troublesome. I would be in grave danger were this bakery down the street from me.

For those of you that want to experience this cake for yourself, which you should, because it's the closest thing to Nirvana in a baked good, you're going to have to travel to NJ.

McMillan's Bakery
15 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108

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