Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anna's Taqueria - Brookline, Mass

Oy Vey! I lost my camera. Tragedy of the month! I was in a serious panic, how would I food blog? To make it even worse, the day before I lost my camera, I'd made two phenomenal and unusual soups and detailed the process with pictures, but now you'll never see them because I left my camera someplace stupid. Anyway, until a new camera makes its way into my life, I'll have to dig through the archives.

A few weeks ago after I was done writing prelims (by the way I just found out Friday that I passed and can now start writing my dissertation proposal!!!)I went to visit Angela in Boston. Virtually the first thing we did was go to Anna's Taqueria for one of their killer burritos.
Ang @ Anna's
I don't mean killer in any sort of gut-busting sense as they're very reasonable in size and price, I mean killer as in the best burrito I've had outside of Mexico or Southern California.

Here is Angela praying over her burrito. Silly.


I ordered grilled chicken with refried beans, rice, cheese and salsa. Angela got practically the same thing but with black beans, and we shared some guacamole.

I feel that Anna's will be a Boston tradition for me, it's just that good. Don't be scared if there's a long line, it moves quickly, but it can be hard to grab a table if you want to eat in instead of taking it home.

1412 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446-2071
(617) 739 7300
Monday through Sunday 10am to 11pm
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  1. sher said...
    Congratulations!!!!! You have to keep eating wonderful food like this to store up energy for your dissertation! :):)

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