Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Matt Murphy's - Brookline, Mass

Another Boston post! Angela and I went to college together in Ripon, Wisconsin. She grew up a few hours north and grew up with the Friday Fish Fry. It was a new concept to me when I moved to Wisconsin, but I quickly acclimated myself to this Midwestern tradition. Fried white fish, fries and rye bread with butter, nothing says "It's Friday" quite like that. While walking around Boston we reminisced about Fish Fry at Ripon and longed for Wisconsin in general. In order to satisfy this craving, Angela decided to take me to a traditional Irish pub in Brookline where she claimed they had great fish and chips that would cure our lack of Fish Fry. We rolled into Matt Murphy's on Sunday afternoon to check it out.

Unfortunately, they were only serving brunch at this time, and fish and chips was not on the menu. But we were cold and wanted to eat, so we stayed. There was a guitar duo playing in the corner and we ordered drinks, me an Irish coffee, Angela a pear cider, while we waited a few minutes for our table.

bread @ matt murphy's

Once seated, the waiter brought us some bread and butter to nibble on. The white bread on top had walnuts and raisins in it, but was a little dry. The circles of dark bread on the bottom were superior, it was some sort of spice bread and based on the shape, I'm guessing it was baked inside of some sort of can and then sliced. Really excellent with the sweet butter smeared on top.

egg salad

Angela wanted something a bit light, so she went with the egg salad sandwich topped with asparagus and smoked salmon and served with baby arugala salad. I've never been a fan of egg salad, or eggs in a hard-boiled state in general, but Angela said it was delicious and she has pretty good taste in food, so I trust her.

smoked salmon omelet

I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Omelet with chives and sour cream, served with morning potatoes, and it was excellent. So, while the Fish Fry craving was not satisfied, we did have a delicious brunch and managed to both order something with fish in it, I guess that's close enough.

Matt Murphy's Pub
14 Harvard Street,
Brookline, Massachusetts

Serving food
Sunday - Wednesday till 10
Thursday - Saturday till 11
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  1. Donal said...
    Of course Brown Bread is baked in a can, otherwise it wouldn't be what it is! Here is the first recipe that I found that has the right way to cook it: Brown Bread in a can

    If you live in the right place (i.e. New England), you can even buy Brown Bread in a can.

    You've spent too much time out of New England. I need to take you to visit my family and re-introduce you to the good things in life.
    E said...
    Donal - You're right, I'm in severe need of a visit back to my roots. When I was eating this bread I thought about how much you, as well as my mother, would enjoy this bread.

    Let's go to Maine.
    sher said...
    Another great restaurant meal!! I really liked that sandwich! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    April said...
    Wow, the Dr. Dog connection is so random, but that's very cool. I actually downloaded "Easy Beat" because of a mention on Jolie Holland's MOG page (her sole entry under "Artists I've Become a Fan of While Touring"), and I definitely want the EP too. Btw, you should check out MOG if you haven't yet - I'm already finding it ten times more addictive than MySpace or any similar site.

    Hope all is going well with you these days. :-)

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