Monday, December 18, 2006

THE Holiday party!

If you weren't there, you were either too far away to come or part of the evil Psychology department. Ha!

884 threw a banging party last Friday. Numerous justifications were made for the party, we just passed our prelims, it's the holiday season, blah blah blah, but what it really came down to was that I wanted to cook lots of yummy snacks and drink too much, so that's what I did.

holiday party 2006 001

With some help from the roommates, of course. I could have never lifted this keg of beer anywhere, nevermind all the way onto the back porch!

Pretty Ladies!

I even bought a cute shirt and borrowed some big girl earrings from Alison to complete the outfit. Here we are with some friends from school. Left to right, Tiffany, Alison, e and Alyssa. I have incredibly drunk and sexy hair, no?

holiday party 2006 019

I invited lots of people, including some old buddies from my day's TA'ing at Temple. They kept the party classy by bringing us some Carlo Rossi. Oh, the laughs we had when those jugs rolled into 884.


Of course, I went nuts making snacks. If you click on this photo, it will link you back to my Flickr, where you can read the notes attached to this picture. But, notably, in the foreground there are both Black Moons and Oatmeal Cream Pie cookies.


More food continued to flow from the kitchen until, well, until I was on my 4th or 5th Cranberry and Vodka, then I didn't seem to care much about people eating.

blake e donal

As you can see from my facial expression, I didn't need any more Cranberry and Vodka, but they just taste so good! I was happy to have persuaded my good friends Blake and Donal to come out to Philly from New Freedom.

holiday party 2006 017

Other notable party attendees are pictured here. Jeff and Billy. They also brought me some sassy napkins with hula girls on them, for the next time I throw a "fancy dinner" or so they suggested.

holiday party 2006 016

James, Healey and Sharleen also showed up for some good party times. They are so sweet, one of them even said "These Oatmeal Cream Pie cookies have changed my life!" Wow. Changing lives through cookies, this sounds like my kind of thing.

So, it was a fantastic party. The keg ran dry at the perfect time, and we all crashed where we could to get some sleep. We've deemed this party a success and I'm already excited about the next one...hopefully in the spring, right around my birthday.

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  1. sher said...
    OK, once again I'm wishing I hung out with you!! That looks like a ton of fun. By the way, your pictures of Whoopee Pies (the sandwich cookies) have done me in, so I'm making a holiday version this week!

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