Monday, December 04, 2006

Monkey Bread

Thanksgiving morning, I was looking for a crowd pleasing breakfast. It's a bit silly that I just said "crowd pleasing" because it was just 4 of us, Angela in from Boston, roommate Jamie, and too sauced to drive home Mindy, plus me. The afternoon before I removed 3 loaves of frozen bread dough from the freezer and let them thaw according to the package directions. I knew one loaf would be enough for a dozen rolls for Thanksgiving dinner, so what to do with the other two?? Make Monkey Bread!

1-2 loaves of frozen bread dough, or two rolls of refrigerated canned biscuits.
Cinnamon Sugar
Melted Butter

Angela and I worked in true Fordist fashion and set up an assembly line to ease mass production. I cut and shaped dough balls and coated each one with the melted butter before placing it on a plate covered with the Cinnamon Sugar. Angela tossed to coat each piece of dough before placing them in a bundt pan. We covered it in plastic wrap let the whole thing rise in the fridge overnight The next morning we removed the plastic and baked it at 350 until it looked done, I think it took about 25 minutes.
Monkey Bread
Notice, I placed the bundt pan on a round cookie sheet just in case there were any bubble overs. Running a knife around the edge separated the sticky bread from the hot pan, and I inverted it on the same cookie sheet I'd just baked it on.
Monkey Bread
The butter and the Cinnamon Sugar create a killer syrup that coats each and every dough nugget while they bake. The end result is a nice hot start to any morning! Becuase of the pull-apart nature of this pastry, I'm sure its especially fun for children.


  1. sher said...
    I love monkey bread and was thinking of making it the other day. Yours looks delish!
    Nick said...
    I made monkey bread last night. It was awesome.

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