Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thanksgiving - Philadelphia

So you all know my camera was lost, but that Donal was kind enough to let me borrow his so that Foodaphilia didn't have to take a leave of absence. I'm just now getting around to Thanksgiving blogging, and I'll just save you the excuses for my tardiness.

My Thanksgiving was pretty casual. Angela came down from Boston and we had Liz & Sue as well as Shane & Kasi over for dinner. These are all friends who were temporarily orphaned from Arizona, Ireland and Seattle, but were happy to eat and drink with me!

Carrots and Cranberry
We had the basic spread. I steamed these carrots with a piece of orange rind in the water so it had a slightly citrus scent. And, while I did manage to get my mother's cranberry sauce recipe in time for Thanksgiving, I was too exhausted to make it, and thus we had some Cran-Fruit from the grocery store.
The turkey came out beautifully. I reserved a fresh free-range bird from Whole Foods a few weeks earlier. I picked it up on Tuesday night, let it soak in a brine on Wednesday night and roasted for three hours on Thursday afternoon.
Cornbread and Sausage Dressing
Using last year's recipe from America's Test Kitchen, I made Sausage and Conbread Stuffing. The only substiution I made was using my own recipe for Cornbread. This picture is pre-baking and doesn't reflect the true awesomeness that is this dressing.
Using leftover frozen bread dough from Monkeybread, Angela and I made cute little rolls. Awww, aren't they cute?
Potatoes and Gravy
Then, of course, you have the traditional mashed potatoes. Kasi and Shane helped to mash these up with butter, buttermilk, salt and pepper.
Here's another shot of the turkey, look how golden brown and crispy! I attribute this to a cup of brown sugar I add to my brine. It doesn't make the bird sweet in anyway, but the molasses in the sugar aids in the browning of the skin.
I took some help with the pumpkin pie crust, purchasing it from the store, but the filling is homemade, and all aspects of the apple pie are from scratch!
Black Moons
And when have you known me to be able to go without ending a huge meal with something chocolate?? Not often, so I made a batch of black moons.


  1. donal said...
    Oh e, you tempt me so. That looks like a delicious meal.
    sher said...
    Ditto. And I must have a black moon! Drool.
    E said...
    Donal - I think its part of my life plan to make you squirm with food, how were the cookies I sent you home with?

    Sher - You would love the black moons! They're like a big soft Oreo cookie, and my favorite cookie of all time!

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