Monday, January 22, 2007

Mimi's Cafe & Bakery - Omaha, NE

Thank god for Natalie and Sarah. I mean, really, I love visiting my parents, they're fun, intelligent people and I love spending time with them. But they work all day, and go to bed early, so when I'm in Omaha it's crucial that the few friends I have left from there spend time with me! Luckily, this past trip was full of good times with Sarah and Natalie. Sarah, admittedly, is a fan of the food pictures on Flickr, she says everytime she looks at them they make her hungry and then she has to go eat. So, one day, I made her pick the restaurant and we went on a food blogging adventure. Natalie came along for the ride too. We went to Mimi's Cafe in Village Pointe.


We were at Mimi's for lunch and all ordered off of the "Small Bites" menu. A number of these items were available in "Full" size, but the small was definitely enough for lunch. Here is Sarah's Petit crab cake. Golden fried lump and blue crab cake drizzled with citrus remoulade and served over a garlic crouton and baby greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette. Being such a great friend, Sarah even let me have a bite. It was good. Not as good as the crabcakes I've had at A Full Plate or anywhere in the state of Maryland, but good all the same.The dressing was too ketchupy with little to no spicey bite the way a remoulade really should.


Natalie had the Fried Chicken Salad. Diced chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, tomato, egg, green onions with ranch dressing. Corn and buffalo sauce were also supposed to be present on the salad, but apparently "corn has no business on salad" according to Natalie, and she doesn't like very spicy things so the sauce had to be stopped.

Mimi's Cobb Salad

I had the Cobb Salad. Turkey, bacon, avocado, scallions, egg, tomato & crumbled bleu cheese on top of ICEBERG lettuce. Ick! Why couldn't they have given me beautiful romaine or field greens?? I knew they had it in the restaurant because Sarah's crab cake was nestled beautifully on top of some. The toppings were all great, even the avacado and tomato were decent for this time of year in the midwest, but the lettuce problem was just something I couldn't get over.

Onion Soup

Luckily, I'd also ordered some soup with my salad, and it was delicious and saved my opinion of the meal. The broth wasn't overly salty, which I find is the problem with a lot of onion soups, or maybe just soups with baked cheese on top? Not sure.

I later went here for breakfast with my parents. Considering it was 8 in the morning (so early!!) on a Sunday, I forgot my camera and probably might have skipped that altogether anyway due to the early hour. I don't remember what I had, because I suffered from order envy all through the meal. A gentleman at the table next to me had some glorious looking stuffed french toast. It will be mine, next time I'm in Omaha.

Mimi's Cafe & Bakery
301 North 175th Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68118
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  1. sher said...
    Wow!! That's too bad that they didn't use romaine with the cobb salad. That would put meoff too. It's much to crisp for a cobb salad.

    I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for 4 years when I was a kid. Our apartment was a block from the Capitol Building and could see the Cornhusker on top of the building. (Or did I dream that?) I loved my time there and hated to leave.
    snekse said...
    Your camera didn't miss much. Mimi's is highly over-rated, for breakfast or otherwise. I'm actually in the middle of trying out the recent surge of brunch places in Omaha. Let's just say your options have greatly improved in the past couple of months.

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