Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saigon Remembered, Baltimore MD

Last weekend would have been my first weekend back in Philly had I not traveled a short distance to spend the weekend in New Freedom with Donal. Blake was still in Tokyo, so he wasn't around. But I did get to meet Lauren whom I'd been hearing about for weeks. On Saturday we ventured down to Baltimore to eat and see a movie. We went to Saigon Remembered, across the street from the Senator Theater. Not the theater where we'd be seeing a movie, but a justified landmark reference for those familiar with Baltimore. Saigon Remembered is apparently very well known for their summer rolls and a long menu accompanies the regular dinner menu when you sit down.

Sue's Birthday 030

And demonstrating the menu is Lauren. She's a bit camera shy, I hope to break her of that a bit.

Spring and Summer

Donal and Lauren are both a fan of the sticky rice paper wrapped summer rolls, and I don't mind the texture of them either. I tend to stray from them because they almost always contain mint, sometimes in large quantities, and I have to admit to having a strong aversion to mint. I ordered the spring rolls, a cabbage, chicken and carrot mixture wrapped in wonton and fried. In this case, Donal and Lauren's summer rolls had cilantro in them instead of mint, so I probably would have enjoyed them. But my spring rolls were so good that I didn't suffer from order envy.

Spring Roll Bun with Grilled Pork and Salad

Lauren and I both ordered the same thing for dinner, Spring roll bun (rice noodles) with grilled pork (on skewers) and salad. The salad consisted of carrot, jicama, cucumber and the typical orangish Vietnamese dressing.

Special Pancake

Donal was adventurous and ordered the special pancake with chicken. What arrived at the table was a thick crispy egg crepe filled with chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts and "lots and lots of onions" according to Donal. I tried a bite of the pancake and it was very eggy tasting but incredibly crispy and light.

This restaurant was very good, perhaps a bit on the expensive side, or maybe it was just the Baltimore vs. Philadelphia differential. Regardless, I would eat there again, and I would imagine a couple of summer rolls would be an awesome snack to try to sneak into the theater across the street. As for us, we went to the Charles Theater and saw "Notes on a Scandal", a very fine movie with Judy Dench.

If you're in Baltimore go eat at:

Saigon Remembered
5857 York Rd
Baltimore, MD 21212


  1. sher said...
    Looks great! I had a pancake like that at a great Cambodian restaurant in San Francisco. Loved it!
    Anonymous said...
    This is indeed a great restaurant. We like to save it for special occassions; not because of the price, but because we would hate to end up eating so frequently that it becomes mundane. You're right; their summer rolls are fantastic (although I don't believe any of them contain mint per se; it' s all cilantro afaik) as are all of their other dishes. We just drove 45 minutes each way to take the family there.
    Anonymous said...
    I've been to this restaurant and had a vastly different experience. The service was extremely poor: the waiter lost our ticket and as a result we were charged for items we didn't order. When I pointed this out to the owner, she argued with me and didn't even try to meet me halfway. I tried to give this place a second chance recently by ordering the summer rolls for a party I was having. The owner began yelling at me over the phone when I inquired about pricing. Yelling and arguing with customers is not what I look for in a quality restaurant.
    E said...
    Anonymous - Sorry you had such a bad experience, even on a second try. Know any other good Vietnamese places in Baltimore?
    Anonymous said...
    Though not located in Baltimore City, there is a pretty good place off of Baltimore National Pike called Pho #1. I recommend the spring rolls and the barbequed pork with noodles.

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