Sunday, January 21, 2007

The most beautiful and delicious canoli I have ever seen or tasted worked it's way into my life via a friend of Donal's. Lauren brought two canoli and a pint of hazelnut gelato to Donal's house last weekend when I happened to be visiting.
Isn't this just a gorgeous looking pasty? Look at the crispy air bubbles. The clearly divine texture of the canoli cream and the perfect amount of mini chocolate chips dispersed throughout.
Sue's Birthday 040
The gelato was delicately scooped for the sake of the picture by Donal.
Sue's Birthday 041

By the time picture taking was over we just slammed three spoons in the ice cream bowl and broke the canoli in pieces and we were done in no time. Both dessert elements came from Vacarro's in Baltimore and are available at a number of other area locations.

The gelato was really the high point, not as sweet as ice cream, but with a super smooth texture combined with bits of real toasted hazelnuts, it was the epitome of delicious frozen treats.


  1. Christina said...
    Canoli's might just be my favorite dessert. I always looked forward to holidays when my great aunt made them from scratch. Since I began baking, I bought the tube molds for the shells, but never attempted to create these lovely things. One day....
    sher said...
    Oh yum!!! Come to mama!
    JP said...
    Just found your blog via a comment you posted on Orangette... cannoli = yum! I'm from Detroit, now in Seattle, and MAN do I pine away for a good cannoli every now and then. By the way - is that a Yorkie in your arms in the photo? I think he looks like mine!
    roovegroover said...
    I was shopping today in Lancaster County. I tried this Canolli Gelato. YUMMY! This girl makes it all and packages it in pints. She makes it out of Ricotta cheese and everything else in a canolli.
    Gelato Di Babbo in Lititz, PA.

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