Friday, February 16, 2007

Las Cazuelas - Desserts

Recently a bunch of friends got together to celebrate a birthday. We went to Las Cazuelas, an amazing BYOB Mexican restaurant on 4th and Girard in Northern Liberties. You won't find tacos and burritos on their menu, they offer real Mexican entrees and nightly specials.
You can also Bring Your Own Bottle of Tequila and they'll give you the margarita mix for free! That's very cool in comparison to other places in the city that charge up to $15 dollars a pitcher, just for the mix!
Sue's Birthday 052
We had a delicious meal, and I didn't take a single picture of the food. Maybe I was enjoying being a little lazy and it was a party! Additionally, a previous post shows some of the best dishes Las Cazuelas creates. But this was the first time on any of my visits that we've ordered dessert. Lots of dessert. I wish I could recall exactly what the above dessert was named. I know that it was Banana, and maybe some sort of liquor. I was worried about this one because of the banana flavoring. I like bananas but I loathe banana flavored things like Circus Peanuts. But the banana was subtle and natural. I love when a cake has lots of interesting layers providing flavor as well as visual contrast on the plate. Sorry for the blurry picture, I blame the drinks. Chocolate cake is topped with chocolate cream (spiked with Jim Beam, I think), topped with banana cake, topped with vanilla cream, topped with chocolate cake, more cream and more chocolate. I think there were some walnuts on the outside and inside the banana cake.
Sue's Birthday 050
We also ordered Tres Leches Cake. A spongy vanilla cake is soaked in a mix of three milks (evaporated, condensed and whole milk or cream). This is the best version of this dessert that I have ever had. Seriously, it's not soggy, it's spongy, but moist and they serve more of the Tres Leches sauce on the plate mixed with chocolate. The sauce also makes it on to their Sunday brunch menu as a syrup for mango hotcakes. Try them with a cup of their Mexican spiced coffee.
Sue's Birthday 051
And then we had this chocolate cake. It had a nice chocolate buttercream in the middle of two layers of cake and was covered with a very good ganache. I know, three desserts is quite a bit, but there were eight of us, and we were drunk and happy, so why not?

Las Cazuelas
426 W Girard Ave
Between N Lawrence St & N Leithgow St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 351-9144
Las Cazuelas in Philadelphia


  1. Anonymous said...
    Those are some mighty delicious looking desserts. I'd like a slice of the tres leches one please!

    Ari (Baking and Books)
    sher said...
    I almost made Tres Leches Cake this weekend. Now I wish I had! That looks like you had a great time!
    Toni said...
    Oh....seriously yumm...starting with the pitcher and ending with the tres leches....massively yumm...
    Tanya said...
    Somehow i came upon your blog by way of looking for a Place to send Full Plate Cafe Pix of the food i shot as well there. I am aslo on Flickr and have make it my obsession to shoot food as much as possible. Some nudity may also be here, I model as well as eat like a horse. But we seemed to have a few things in common so i wanted to share.


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