Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moving and Eating, Washington D.C.

“An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.” - Albert Einstein

This is my best friend, Angela. She drove down to my house in Philly, with her gorgeous cat, Magellan, last Wednesday night. (Magellan is an expert at controlling the windshield wipers with his tail!)She'd spent the previous few days packing up her rented Penske truck in Brookline, Massachusetts in preparation for her move and new career in Washington D.C.
speaking of
Magellan really didn't know what to do with himself once he was finally freed from the Penske truck, so he did some hissing and complaining and then settled in nicely on my bed where the quilt complimented his coloring nicely, don't you think?

So we arrived. But the movers Angela hired to unload her belongings didn't. Well, at least not at the time they were supposed to. We spent hours carrying things up to her apartment and we stopped when it started raining. At which point, 4 hours late, the movers finally did show. Because we worked so hard during the day, it only took them a little under two hours to finish the job. Luckily, we managed to get a tip from the guy at the front desk about a good restaurant to order delivery from.
kung poa chicken
Szechuan Gallery was kind enough to promptly deliver our food. I had the kung pao chicken, which I always hope is going to spicy, as the little chili pepper next to it on the menu suggests, but alas, I was disappointed again. It wasn't half bad though. However, I would skip the crab rangoon, I've had better in my dreams.
fortune cookie
And for dessert, the ritual fortune cookies.
Angela's fortune (top)totally rocked! And how true. She's moving back to D.C. where she has a few old friends. And of course, now she's only two hours by train or car to me in Philadelphia! My fortune(bottom), was religious in sentiment, an instant turn off, but Angela insisted I include it in the photo. Probably because my fortune makes her fortune look so much better.

Friday morning I don't remember what we even did. But I know it involved walking around the city a bit which in turn, led to developing extreme hunger. We stumbled in to some Italian restaurant, Maggiano's, that Angela informed me later was a chain. I'd never heard of the place and I wouldn't have guessed from the food that they were a chain. But if I had known before we stepped into the place, I probably wouldn't have wanted to try it out. I can't help it, chain restaurants are notorious for unoriginal and crappy food. Because of this, I tend to only eat in them when I have to, or when I'm in Nebraska. It turns out that there is a branch of Maggiano's in South Philly, and I'm wondering why they heck they would put it down there with all of the amazing Italian restaurants in that part of Philly.
blueberry martini
I had a blueberry martini. I know it was only lunch, but I felt like I deserved it, and I'm a sucker for Stolichnaya Blueberry Vodka. It's amazing. So was this cocktail, but it had zero garnish save for two bar straws that seemed ridiculous in the large glass.
lobster ravioli
I had trouble deciding what to order, so I asked the waiter for a suggestion, and decided upon Lobster Ravioli. It was a good portion for lunch, and the ravioli actually had large chunks of lobster inside. The sauce was fairly light, made with shallots, lobster broth and a little cream.
chicken and spinach manicotti
Angela's dish, chicken and spinach manicotti, was a bit heavier due to the Alfredo sauce, but it was very very very tasty. So tasty in fact, I suffered from a little order envy.

This is just the first in a series of posts from my weekend with Angela in her new city. I'm really excited that such a great friend is spatially close enough to see more often and on top of that, I'm also really excited to be able to explore a new awesome food city.

Anyone have an D.C. food/restaurant suggestions??


  1. Taylor said...
    Many Washington restaurants, clubs, and coffee shops have a great lounge-vibe (couches, couches, and more couches). I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving vacation there a few years ago.
    Anonymous said...
    Maggiano's is actually near the Convention center, not South Philly. That would just be wrong!
    ~Kat from S. Philly
    Angela said...
    I love you, E!
    Oh, and the reason I made you put your fortune underneath mine isn't to make mine better (it can't get much better than what it is...), but rather to make yours look that much worse! haha, jk No really, I just thought it was f-in hilarious given both our our religious preferences (or lack thereof...). :)

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