Tuesday, March 13, 2007

By the time Angela and I made it out to Georgetown for brunch on Sunday, it was nearly 2 and I still hadn't had ANY coffee. I was cranky. Poor Angela. But we stumbled into News Cafe Cucina Italiana. You should also check out their listing on D.C. Menupages. news room 2
The restaurant is long and narrow. Tables in the front room get a view of M Street and there is also an attractive bar. A middle room is red and romantic. As soon as we were seated I felt better. The back room of this restaurant was just beautiful. All the walls and table tops were covered in Mosaic tile. A huge skylight was draped with deep red fabric, but the sun made everything light and bright.
angela with limoncello bubble
Angela enjoyed a Limoncello Bubble, a blend of limoncello, lemonade and champagne. I drank numerous cups of their very good coffee.
For brunch I ordered Crepe Florencia. Two crepes were filled with smoked salmon, shallots, and dill cream cheese, then topped with caviar. The salad was baby greens with a light and uninteresting dressing but a really nice piece of Romano cheese.
coco banana crepes
Once again I had a bit of order envy when I tasted Angela's Crepe Coco-banana. Delicious! Banana, walnuts, and chocolate sauce, what could be better?

I'd definitely do brunch here again.

News Cafe Cucina Italiana
3056 M Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20007
Phone: 202-965-5535
Open Daily: 11:30am-11pm


  1. Toni said...
    Limoncello, champagne and crepes....now THAT'S living!
    sher said...
    Oh boy!! Those crepes look fabulous! Once again I marvel at how much fun you have!
    Deborah Dowd said...
    Thanks for the nudge to the menupages. My daughter is doing a rotation at Washington Hospital Center and living in College Park and is always looking for good places to eat that are not chains.
    Sarah said...
    I just had brunch there this weekend and it was amazing as you said. And the lemoncello Bubble was so good I had to have two!

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