Friday, March 16, 2007

What's in your Cupboard?

I've been in the food blogging world for a while, but have not participated in many (any) food blogging events. Why? Probably laziness. But I've turned a new leaf as of late, and have been stockpiling posts to submit to those who are hosting events. This first event intrigued me so much, I just had to join in on the fun!

Lydia, over at Kitchen Exhibitionist is hosting "Peeking Behind Closed Doors" an exploration of kitchen cupboards.

Here at the 884 collective, the three of us share space and resources. Hence, I'm warning you that our cupboards are cluttered and packed with an assortment of foodstuffs that beg for organization.
peeking in the pantry 003
That top shelf contains over a dozen boxes of tea, different varieties probably even some empty boxes.
peeking in the pantry 006
This is our main food cupboard. It's a weird size and shape, rendering it difficult to see or get to what's behind the front line of products. Mmm, rainbow sprinkles.
peeking in the pantry 007
The fridge isn't really a cupboard, but I think it holds similar cultural significance and insight into our lives. Despite the fact that I went shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday, our fridge is a little bare. It appears we subsist on Diet Coke and yogurt. Also, please ignore the huge jug 'o wine. Someone brought that to our house back in December for our Holiday Party and every time I open the fridge I'm disappointed that it still shows it's label.

This blogging event took me back to when I was taught about a type of anthropological study called "Garbology". By studying trash we generate knowledge about material culture. Lydia - to me this is a much more exciting and fun way to explore each other's lives than through garbage. Food consumption is a huge part of our lives, something we participate in numerous times a day. These photographs provide snapshots into the patterns of consumption behavior for those who participate. Thanks for creating this fun event!


  1. Taylor said...
    Oh crap! I forgot about that one. I don't normally do meme's either, but I have pics for this one. Of to the computer!

    Wow, living with people! It would drive me crazy looking through all their food to find mine.
    Gina Louise said...
    So many of those things are things I can't get here and I am JEALOUS.
    ps I miss you
    Chris said...
    What a great event. Thanks for sharing! My cupboards are a little out of hand. I don't know if I am brave enough!
    sher said...
    Yours look more organized than mine. Mine are totally out of control. I had a nice system established and it's gone haywire! Loved looking at that. Anthropology was always one of my favorite subjects!
    Lydia said...
    Thanks for participating in this event, E!

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