Friday, April 20, 2007

Birthday Pie

Most of the Superfriends gathered last Sunday to celebrate the day of my birth. Awww, such sweet friends. They brought flowers and pie!
E's Birthday 2007 026
The pie was awesome, filled with small, sweet, Maine blueberries and covered with a crumb topping instead of an extra crust, this pie was really really good. Even better still with a large scoop of raspberry chip ice cream. Thanks Marissa and Lauren!
E's Birthday 2007 034
Alison also baked brownies! Amazing. They were really delicious too. She kept saying, "they're just from a box mix", but I've made boxed brownies that don't taste nearly as good as they ones she made. Unfortunately, due to wine consumption, I forgot to take a picture. But, earlier in the day I visited the newest addition to Liberties Walk, the new candy store. I got a nice selection of chocolate goodies and some watermelon fruit slices. This time, I remembered to photograph the treats, but clearly the wine impeded my ability to take a nice macro shot. Sorry for the blurry picture.
E's Birthday 2007 020
The rest of the evening we spent eating the above pie and candy and playing apples to apples. Even Zoe helped by holding Shannon's cards. Awww, what a sweet girl. And a sweet birthday celebration.


  1. Cheryl said...
    Again happy birthday. I'm sure there were many more fun "wine induced" photos!!

    The pie and ice cream one is making my mouth water now.
    Chris said...
    Happy Birthday, E!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PhilaFoodie said...
    Happy belated birthday!
    Sher said...
    Happy Belated Birthday! You have some of the nicest friends to hang with, I can tell. That pie is to die for! And so are the other goodies...but that pie will haunt me for days!
    E said...
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! One week later my health has returned, somewhat, to normal. Bring on the pie!

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