Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tequila is the new Cold Medicine

Yesterday was my birthday, and I was terribly sick. Having worked at the cafe a little bit on the weekend, then all day on Monday after only sleeping for a few hours, waking up on Tuesday I was miserable. Luckily, my boss is a cool and understandable woman and I was able to stay home and sleep. And sleep I did. Till about 3 in the afternoon. At which point, I woke up, ate condensed soup (ick!) and watched a lame movie from Netflix.

But you know what makes a girl feel really special when she's sick as a dog on her birthday? When her friends insist on taking her out for spicy food to clear her sinuses and margaritas to sooth her sore throat.

E's Birthday 2007 047

This was the best of the three I consumed last night at Zocalo in West Philly. The ginger margarita is traditional, white tequila and lime with a ginger twist, not overwhelming, but just potent enough to make your lips tingle. Loved it. And loved my friends for taking me out despite my runny nose and watery eyes.


  1. Taylor said...
    Aww, Happy Birthday! Sorry you're sick. If it makes you feel any better, I've got a fever and sore throat, too. #?!@#&*
    Cheryl said...
    Happy Birthday!!!

    I'm so sorry you are sick for it though. I've always agreed that spicy food really clears up the nasal passages. They should make cold medicine with hot sauce in it.
    Sher said...
    How terrible! Sick on your birthday! That's not fair at all! I'll remember that about drinking margaritas when I'm sick. :)

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