Monday, May 07, 2007

The Set Table, East Falls

Saturday I met up with some friends in East Falls. According to my friend, East Falls is "a little chunk of heaven between Manayunk and the Art Museum". And she may be right. It's a neat little area, lots of neighborhood character.
The Set Table 011
We walked up this gorgeous street and passed this picture perfect house next to a picture perfect blossoming tree. I love Philadelphia in the Spring! Our destination was a new little place called "The Set Table". The place is cramped. They might think about removing one table in order to ease the congestion. Otherwise, it was a pleasant environment. Mismatched tables and chairs, a counter for coffee and a few to-go items. Great colored glass panes in the front window and lots of plants around made the place feel warm and sunny.
The Set Table 003The Set Table 005
We were seated in the corner by the window. Two mugs of jam, organic ketchup and hot sauce sat waiting on the table. We were one of two tables when we arrived, but after we ordered, the place filled up quickly.
The Set Table 009
The brunch menu was not large, but that's often a good sign. One friend went with the tofu scramble and turkey bacon. Often tofu scramble with have veggies and some seasonings, but this was simply scrambled tofu. Not offensive, but nothing special.
The Set Table 008
Another friend had egg whites and bacon. Both thought the potato accompaniment was visually unappealing, but tasty.
The Set Table 010
I went with the apricot stuffed french toast with almonds. The french toast portion of this dish was pretty good, though the bread wasn't thoroughly soaked with the egg mixture, it was a good thick cut of bread and the flavorings were right on. I only disagree with the shear amount of apricot cream cheese filling. It could be that I just don't enjoy apricots very much and they were pureed with the filling, causing apricot overkill for me, but all that filling made the bottom piece of toast soggy and unappetizing. In retrospect, I ordered incorrectly. I love french toast, but I do not love apricots. I should have gone with something I know I would have liked: Multi grain pancakes with banana. How could that not be good? Before you go thinking I didn't like this place, let me say:

The coffee was great! After a little research when I got home, I learned that the owner roasts her own beans on-site. That's pretty sweet.

They also only serve natural foods, so instead of Coke or Pepsi, you get 365 Cola. This also explains the organic ketchup on the table. I love all these things.

This is a decent neighborhood place. Both of my friends, who live and hang out in the area often, are planning on going back to try lunch. I don't think I'll be back, but I would have enjoyed brunch with my friends regardless of where or what we were eating.

The Set Table
3572 Indian Queen Lane,
East Falls
Set Table in Philadelphia


  1. Anonymous said...
    I love this place. the hashbrowns are great and everyone is friendly. I like the indian queen omelet made with tofu. yum! The burrito is also really good. I get my coffee beans there and try to find out when the owner roasts so I do not miss out as she only does small batches every 2 weeks to keep the beans as fresh as possible. I have only been there once for lunch and had a turkey burger w/ provolone on a brioche roll. It was good and the outdoor seating was nice.
    Pleasantly Plump said...
    It's hard to find a good local spot who serves food vegans can eat. I ADORE this place! Both times I've been there, the owner was present and social, and the casual atmosphere is especially engaging. I also like that it attracts a wide range of customers--different age groups, ethnicities, temperaments. And while I have limited myself primarily to the tofu scramble, it's reasonably priced and different each time I order it--the veggies vary.
    Crisina Rock said...
    Great idea for serving. I also like this place.

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