Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Abbaye

On Sunday night I met up with some friends for a late night dinner at The Abbaye in Northern Liberties.
Abbaye (1)
It had been a long weekend, so we ordered a bottle of red zinfandel and relaxed a little bit.
Abbaye (3)
We started with an appetizer of nachos with vegetarian chili ($10). The chips were fresh, there was plenty of cheese and the chili was really good. One friend complained of too much sour cream, but I thought it was the perfect amount.

We also ordered a side of mac and cheese ($3) to try, but it was pretty terrible. The elbow macaroni was extremely overcooked, and the cheese was grainy and bland.
Abbaye (5)
We all ordered cheese steaks($8), two with real steak marinated in beer, the other with seitan. All of them came topped with grilled tomatoes, onions, Gruyere cheese and roasted garlic aioli. I really enjoyed my sandwich, you could taste the beer on the steak and the grilled tomatoes added a pleasant sweetness. The frites that accompanied my dinner were thin, crispy, and skin-on, all things I like. The pickle was also fresh, cold and garlicky. Not as excellent at the pickles served at the Bishop's Collar, but still good.

Overall, a good meal. The Abbaye is also open late Monday through Saturday, so it's a good place to hit if you're hungry at a later than normal hour for dinner. Just stay away from the mac and cheese.

The Abbaye
637 N. Third Street
Between Fairmount Ave & Green Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Abbaye in Philadelphia
Phone: 215 627-6711
Mon-Sat: 11am-3pm
Sun: 11am-3pm
Mon-Sat: 5pm-1am
Sun: 5pm-11pm


  1. Deborah Dowd said...
    I just found your blog and looking at your pictures and descriptions makes me wish I lived closer to Philly!
    jess said...
    Thanks for the great post. I live in the neighborhood and still haven't made it to the Abbaye. Do you live in the area, you seem to post a lot of NL related reviews. Have you tried Modo Mio yet, it's pretty great.
    sher said...
    Oh my gosh! Once again I wonder why I don't live near you. You have so much fun! Too bad the mac & cheese was so bad. That's a crime!
    RaskyKat said...
    Been researching The Abbaye online and anxious to try it out. My question is in regards to something other than the food, however. Can you tell me if they ever have a DJ at The Abbaye? Thank you for your reply and for your most excellent site.
    E said...

    Occasionally the Abbaye does feature a DJ. Sometimes during Brunch, which is odd but cool. Other times they have one for karaoke, but I never stick around for that.
    Anonymous said...
    I frequent the Abbaye about once a week and have to say that they have one of my favorite Mac and Cheese's ever! Sorry to hear you had a bad run, but it's something I get at least every other time I go there and it's usually delicious!

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