Sunday, June 24, 2007


I love fish and chips. There's just nothing like fried white fish and fried potatoes to accompany an evening of drinking. I first grew accustom to the fried food and beer combination during my four year stay in Wisconsin for college. Wisconsinites don't eat "fish and chips", instead it's called fish fry and nearly every restaurant in the state holds one on Friday. Likely stemming from religious restrictions on meat eating during certain times, this ritual has all but taken over dinner plans for Friday night. I miss Wisconsin. But I miss their fish fry even more.
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The fish and chips in the city that most closely resembles Wisconsin Fish Fry can be found at Aspen in the Fairmount/Art Museum Area. The fish is white, flaky, moist and just perfect with a hit of lemon juice or some malt vinegar (I'm not into that so much). In an attempt to mimic traditional English Fish and Chips, the fries are just a bit bigger, and are crispy. At just $10, the price is better than expected. Aspen also serves food until 1am every day of the week, which is a rarity in the neighborhood.

Stay away from the Mac & Cheese, the noodles are overcooked and it's bland. But do try both versions of their grilled cheese or the Thanksgiving Melt sandwich, all are terrific.

747 N. 25th street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Monday through Friday: 5pm - 2am
Sat & Sun: 11am - 2am
Sat & Sun Brunch:
11am - 3pm


Aspen in Philadelphia


  1. Jessica said...
    I've never tried fish and chips. It looks delicious. I want to try it today! Mouth watering photo!
    sher said...
    Yes, I've had great fried fish in Wisconsin, including one of the best fried fish sandwiches at a little joint in Door County. Speaking of Door County--the smoked chubs there are heaven.
    Matt said...
    ah the wisconsin fish fry! i lived there for a year in milwaukee and had a few of those. now i'll go check out aspen's good. thanks e.

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