Friday, June 01, 2007


Deuce is a great place for happy hour if you like to drink lager, it's only a buck for a nice cold pint between 5 and 7. Additionally, they have a second happy hour they call "Late Night" between 10 and 12 with a variety of specials. Not many places have this snazzy little feature, and I think it's a really smart move.

What isn't so smart about Deuce is their food. I've tried a few things over the past year and never felt the urge to blog about any of them. But a string of recent events has really prompted some writing. Most immediately is the grilled cheese sandwich I had last weekend.
It sounded delightful on the menu, a blend of asiago, sharp Vermont cheddar and another fancy cheese I can't quite remember. With a price tag of 8 dollars, I was sure this was going to be a flavorful adult version of every kid's favorite. I was wrong. The fries are good (but all you have to do to please me with a fry is leave some of the skin on), but look at my sandwich up there. Vermont cheddar and asiago don't melt like that. Clearly this was an $8 American cheese sandwich. Aside from the visual clues that this was not the sandwich as it should have been, the first bite was okay, the bread was nicely toasted sourdough, but the was bland, white, and filmy in that way that only processed American cheese tastes.

I'm not protesting American cheese, but I am protesting menus that don't accurately indicate what food will be delivered to my table.

I have to be honest, this grilled cheese debacle would not have bothered me as much as it did had Deuce not committed other seriously questionable menu choices in the past. In one visit, the server was excited to tell us about an original and exciting new special. It was an entree plate of fried catfish served with a series of southern sides, mac & cheese, collard greens, corn bread, and stewed tomatoes . Wow! Exciting and new or blatantly borrowed from the southern style cafe a block down on Liberties Walk? As a frequent visitor to both places I was disappointed in Deuce. It's not like they don't have an attractive space and really decent drink specials, why did they make a menu decision like that? Deuce's food is expensive in general and it just doesn't come across in the actual experience of eating the food. The Deuce burger is good, but for $16 dollars it should be one of the best I've ever had, and it's not.

With those criticisms made, I'll still go back.
It's convenient, the service is usually pretty good, even during a busy happy hour. I love the $1 lagers from 5-7 and they're really dog friendly at the outside areas, bringing out two dog bowls of water for our furry friends on a hot day. It's also the only place I'll really play Quizzo where on Tuesday nights at nine they run a $2 Magic Hat #9 special.

Go to Deuce for a beer, but only eat if you really need to.

***UPDATE**** 3/25/2008 I've been informed that Deuce has a new chef, and apparently word on the street is he's the best thing to happen to Deuce's menu. I haven't sampled any food since the switch, so give me a few weeks and I'll have a new review.

1040 N 2nd St,
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 413-3822
Monday - Friday 11:30 - 1:00 am
Saturday 3pm - 1:00 am
Sunday 11:30 - 1:00 am (Brunch served until 3pm)
Deuce Restaurant & Bar in Philadelphia


  1. Taylor said...
    I guess Deuce is not the place for me; I don't drink beer, and I don't have a dog - although I'll take that cute dog in the picture.
    magdalenus said...
    Can't say I've ever had an AMAZING meal at Deuce... A little over priced if you ask me.
    sher said...
    I totally agree that a $16 burger better knock my socks off. And the cheese does look very suspicious on that sandwich!
    Anonymous said...
    I've eaten at Deuce three times and each time it's been bad.

    My first visit, I took a friend of mine on leave from the Navy. We ordered fish. It was overcooked and just not that good. Very expensive around $18.

    On another visit, the girlfriend was in the mood for wings. When we got them there was still hair on my chicken wings. My girlfriend was disgusted, we left without eating. The cook said it should have burned off when they were fried... too bad it did not.

    Finally, last year when the Eagles were in the playoffs, a large group of us decided to watch the game there. They did not honor their usual Eagles game special because the game fell on a Saturday and not a Sunday -- the manager then told one of us to "learn how to read." For what we paid, everything was average.

    Good drink specials, but I've avoided it since then. There are much better places to eat in Northern Liberties.

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