Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paper Moon Cafe, Baltimore MD

I was lucky enough to have a local show me the joys of the Paper Moon Cafe in Baltimore. It's a very cool, 24-hour diner with excellent, but cheap eats no matter what time you or your party roll in.
paper moon
The outside of the building is painted in bright blue and green with a welcoming archway displaying the name of the establishment. I got excited as soon as we turned the corner because this places just beckons to you if you're near it.
Paper Moon (2)
I debated between the Monte Cristo sandwich and the Breakfast Bread Pudding. Both sounded delicious, so I asked the waitress for help. At first she tried to say either was a good choice, but eventually I got down to the skinny and pried out of her that the Bread Pudding is pretty unpopular, so I went with the Breakfast Monte Cristo.
Paper Moon (3)
And I'm glad I did! Look at how beautiful this sandwich was. I ordered mine with bacon and it was served with a side of maple syrup. I poured all the syrup all over my sandwich and ate it with a knife and fork, but you could certainly pick up the sandwich and dip to your heart's content.
Paper Moon (4)
Donal ordered a side of the Paper Moon's sweet potato fries. I gotta say, these were the best sweet potato fries I've ever had in my life. I think they dust them in rice flour before frying them, because they're so crispy and light.

I wish the Paper Moon Cafe was a chain that spread to Philadelphia, but unfortunately it's a sole property and it belongs in Baltimore. I know I'll be back, it's just a question of when.

Paper Moon Cafe
227 W. 29th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410.889.4444
Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week


  1. Cheryl said...
    A sandwich you can pour syrup all over. Oh I feel my lovely arteries clogging from here, and I love it.
    Kiran Chitluri said...
    I grew up in the deep deep south Alabama and Georgia. Paper Moon's Pecan Pie here is some of the best I have ever had...
    Amypron said...
    Sadly, the diner is no longer 24/7..
    This has put a hole in my heart. They now seat until midnight on weekdays, and 2am on Friday & Saturday.
    Ruddy said...
    I think this is the same one in Puerto Rico if i'm not sure, this place is pretty neat.
    Naomi Rose said...
    So this is where All Time Low's song came from, awe :)

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